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Al-Rifai to the popular movement: venting through social media does not make change

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publish date 2022-01-24 19:27:14

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The head of the Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System, Al-Ain Samir Al-Rifai, called on the various movements, especially the youth, to engage in the partisan and political process if they wish to bring about real change.

Al-Rifai stressed that the opportunity today is great for the movements to actively engage in the political process and bring about the change they want, explaining that the moderate movements that respect the law and the constitution and have a project to present to the country, will find in the party framework an effective way to express opinion and participate in decision-making.

He said that venting through social media and unstructured work methods may give an individual a sense of comfort or accomplishment, but they do not make real change. Pointing out in this context that we criticize the work of the successive parliaments, and criticize the low rate of participation in the elections, and we neglect that the real reason behind this is the absence of programs at work, which would improve performance and raise participation rates.

Al-Rifai said during a meeting he gathered today with a number of events, activists and personalities in Jerash Governorate, that all governorates and regions of the Kingdom deserve a fair share of development outcomes, which calls for more involvement in the political process in the future, which will guarantee to those who practice it a greater share of representation in the government and parliament. Hence a higher power in the decision-making process.

Speaking about the electoral process, Al-Rifai said that major cities always suffer from low rates of participation due to the lack and fragmentation of regional and factional ties, unlike villages, towns and smaller cities. The process of effective monitoring and accountability of the voter on his representatives.

Al-Rifai stressed that the people of Jerash, besides being among the highest in education rates in the Kingdom, are among the most active politically, and the governorate includes a number of movements and activities active on the national scene, which makes it more likely that its involvement in the electoral and partisan process is higher, calling on young people in particular, to Engage in the political process on the basis of intellectual convictions, not on a regional or factional basis.

Al-Rifai also advised young people to talk about everything that concerns them and concerns them through institutional channels, framed and clear, that can produce tangible change through real follow-up.

He stressed that the political modernization system, including the constitutional and legal amendments it includes, gives the citizen the initiative and the ability to change, whether through parties, parliament, municipal work and local administration. .

Al-Rifai also advised young people to pay attention to the private sector, for work and investment, and to go towards education and vocational and technical training, and to establish medium and large projects set up by the private sector, whether through national capital or foreign investment, and supported by local communities, to promote economic advancement.

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