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A doctor expects a rocketing rise in Corona injuries

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publish date 2022-01-24 18:15:54

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Dr. Hossam Abu Farsakh, a consultant in the diagnosis of histological and clinical diseases, confirmed that the arrival of Corona injuries today, Monday, to more than 11,000 cases, is the beginning of the skyrocketing rise of cases, which will reach more than 30,000 cases per day within 3 weeks.

Abu Farsakh added, “Deaths will be minimal, God willing, but hospital admissions will reach more than 1,000 admissions per day.”

Abu Farsakh called on the government to equip field hospitals and prepare for this for a large number of entries.

Abu Farsakh concluded his post by saying: “We started to climb to the top of the wave, and this is the Omron effect, and it may be the deceptively mutated Omron B2.”

Today, Monday, the Kingdom recorded 15 deaths and 11,478 new infections with Corona, while the positive rates of examinations amounted to 22.9%.

According to the media briefing of the Ministry of Health, the total number has risen to 13,088 deaths and 1,52526 injuries.

The summary indicated that the number of currently active cases has reached 49,357, while the number of cases that have been admitted to hospitals today is 158, and the number of cases that have left hospitals is 107, while the total number of confirmed cases receiving treatment in hospitals is 714.

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