To get rid of stomach bloating, follow this magical method

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publish date 2022-01-23 10:10:15

Stomach bloating can occur for several reasons, but this often has a negative impact on daily life, which may make us feel uncomfortable and affect many of our activities. However, health experts have found a magic solution to this problem that is summarized in simple nutritional steps.

Experts advised to follow a diet low in carbohydrates and sugars, called FODMAP, and carefully choose alternative foods to those high in carbohydrates and replace them with foods containing more fiber, according to what was published by the British “The Express”.

FODMAP system
One of the main goals of the FODMAP diet is to reduce bloating by restricting short-chain carbohydrates from the diet, the report explained.

On the other hand, health experts from Monash University confirmed that the fermentation process is responsible for the release of gas and intestinal bloating, noting that the long-term dilution of the low-carb diet must be taken into account.

Bacterial fuel
They added that the most important point is to reintroduce some “FODMAPs” foods back into the diet for their potential benefits, especially since small amounts of them are fuel for good bacteria and are likely to be important in long-term gut health.

In parallel, the report mentioned a number of low-carb foods that fall into the FODMAP diet, including lettuce, carrots, and garlic.

And other causes of stomach bloating can be intolerance to some types of foods that are difficult to digest, and cause an unpleasant reaction when eaten, and should be reduced or not eaten according to the nature of the digestive system of each person.

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