The horrific death.. the body of a man among dozens of poisonous snakes

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publish date 2022-01-22 11:17:43

Police in the US state of Maryland are investigating the strange death of a man who was found dead in his home, surrounded by dozens of venomous snakes.

Police said in a statement that they found a 49-year-old man dead inside his home, surrounded by more than 125 venomous snakes, including one 4-meter Burmese.

The police had received a call from the deceased’s neighbor who was found unconscious among the dangerous reptiles, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Star”.

The authorities confirmed that there was no evidence of a crime, explaining that the deceased’s neighbors were not aware of the presence of snakes in the house where the death witnessed.

Jennifer Harris, from the Dangerous Animal Control Forces, stated that the forces found a mixture of snakes of different sizes and types along with the body.

The emergency authority reassured the residents in the vicinity of the deceased’s house that the site had been carefully examined, and “there is no spread of snakes. The authorities were able to collect all the dangerous reptiles.”


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