Study: 12 people published two-thirds of the information about the harmfulness of vaccines in the world

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publish date 2022-01-23 10:01:08

The results of a new study indicate that two-thirds of the information about the harm of the Corona vaccine spread in social networks is due to 12 leaders of social opinion with the largest number of followers on the Internet.

Today, Saturday, Sky News published extracts from the study prepared by the British non-governmental “Center for Countering Digital Hate” that most of these people, whose names the institution does not mention, live in the United States and declare that they are doctors or politicians.

Unlike Internet consumers who proclaim themselves skeptical about the usefulness of vaccines, opponents of vaccines use aggressive tactics to persuade others to abandon vaccination.

The study notes that a large amount of false information about vaccination was removed after companies running social media networks began to combat anti-vaccination propaganda. At the same time, the Foundation warned that part of this information is still circulating on the Internet, while opponents of vaccination publish their information under other names and from the pages of other consumers, which allows them to overcome the publication ban.

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