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Armed Forces: Changing the rules of engagement makes us strike with an iron hand anyone who approaches Jordan’s borders

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publish date 2022-01-23 22:52:04

The commander of the eastern military region, Brigadier General Naji al-Manasir, said that “the change in the rules of engagement in force in the armed forces makes the army strike with an iron hand to kill anyone who dares to approach the borders of Jordan.”

He added, through the “Voice of the Kingdom” program broadcast by “Al-Mamlaka” channel, on Sunday, that showing the aggressive spirit by carrying out attacks and attacking smugglers in their den to prevent them from reaching inside Jordan’s lands and borders, “a clear message to smugglers, that the armed forces are able to reach them wherever they are.” “.

Al-Manasir explained that “the Sacred Zone is a separating area devoid of forces in which neither side is present, and it is always border areas, and according to the rules of engagement that we apply, it is strictly forbidden for any living creature to move inside the Sacred Area.”

“This atmosphere is accustomed to the border guards, and the greater the difficulties, the greater the skin of the armed forces,” according to Al-Manasir, who sent a message to the guards present, that “everyone on this front is a project of testimony to defend the pure Jordan, and to protect the sons of Jordan from these poisons with which they are being pushed. towards the kingdom.”

“Be on the covenant that you made for yourselves to remain the shield against which the greed of everyone who is tempted to cross the borders and export these poisons to the youth of Jordan will be broken,” according to Al-Manasir.

He reassured the Jordanian people, “The borders are secure with the strength of the armed forces and the directives of the supreme leadership, and we will strike with an iron fist anyone who tries to cross these borders.”

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Yousef Al-Hunaiti, recently directed to change the rules of engagement in force in the armed forces and to prosecute all elements that seek to tamper with national security.

Brigadier General Mahmoud al-Maharma spoke about the existence of several challenges in the area of ​​responsibility of the 90th Brigade, specifically the 5th Mechanized Prince Talal Brigade, where the area is about 70 km long with the Syrian border.

Among these challenges, according to Al-Maharem, are “the difficult nature of the region, and the nature of the weather as well, but thanks to the army’s high readiness and the continuous support of the Supreme Command to deal and confront any challenge, and any threat within the area of ​​responsibility.”

“Smuggling operations have existed for a long time within the border region, and the percentage of these operations may have increased in the recent period, and have become more organized operations, as smugglers exploit challenges in this region, but the army is always ready to deal with any challenge and any threat,” according to Al-Maharemeh.

He pointed out that among the forms of smuggling is “the use of mechanisms for smuggling in some areas where the movement of vehicles is permitted, and sometimes people are used by carrying these quantities of drugs to cross the borders, where the army has electronic and surveillance devices and modern weapons to discover them.”

He continued, “As required by the nature of the challenge on the border front, and according to the directives of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the border front is constantly being strengthened with special forces, quick reaction forces, and air force aviation.”

Regarding changing the rules of engagement, Al-Maharma said, “The army at the operational and tactical levels is ready to change the rules of engagement to any rules of engagement that serve and protect the Kingdom, by dealing with any challenge or threat, in return for not allowing anyone who is tempted to harm any atom of the nation.” .

Majdi al-Miqdadi, a member of the armed forces within the area of ​​responsibility of the 5th Mechanized Prince Talal Brigade, said, “We carry out the duty through belts; The first consists of fixed and mobile ice and ranger spread along the facade, and the second is a deterrent plan consisting of an earthen berm, trench and checks of all kinds, in addition to booby traps and alarms.”

“The third belt consists of day and night ambushes, watch towers and detachments, in addition to the mortar faction deployed along the facade. The fourth belt is the command of the battalion and the militias located within the company’s sites, which are equipped with crews, machine guns, weapons and various night and day vision devices,” according to Al-Miqdadi.

He explained that “the day and night ambushes operate 24 hours a day, in addition to the existing armed patrol, and it is constantly working to clear the check, in addition to the berm.”

Al-Miqdadi stated that “smuggling operations happen a lot during the dawn hours, and in times of fog, but thanks to the efforts of the army and the high command, smuggling and control operations are controlled during periods of fog and at all times,” noting that “the smuggler on the other side is working on studying the land so that he can enter the materials narcotics towards Jordanian territory.

He pointed out that “the earth embankment is the boundary between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the opposite party, which is the State of Syria, and after that comes the trench, which acts as a deterrent to smuggling operations through mechanisms, and individuals on foot are on groups during the fog period.”

A member of the armed forces in the eastern military region said: “We, as patrol personnel, pass the information to the patrol commander that there is a sighting in the front area, and immediately we get out of the car on the berm, we follow through night vision devices, and we detect the front sites.”

And he added, “The Ranger device works to detect locations for a range of 30 km, and detects the temperature of objects, and when people are seen, they are reported to take the appropriate action against them.”

Another soldier from the armed forces in the Eastern Military District said: “With our experience as border guards, we know how to smuggle through sheep or other livestock or through people, and we work through the searchlight to scan the berm and anything that comes directly close to it we shoot with machine guns.”

Major General Hunaiti stressed, in a previous statement, that all available capabilities and capabilities in the armed forces should be harnessed to deal with all infiltration and smuggling operations and to confront them, in a manner that preserves the security and stability of the border areas.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff indicated that the General Command assigns the Border Guard forces the highest priority in supporting and supporting them with elected special forces and rapid reaction forces backed by aircraft from the Royal Air Force, and overcoming all logistical dilemmas within the areas of responsibility, which played a major role in thwarting many All forms of infiltration and smuggling, and limiting the entry of narcotic and prohibited substances into Jordanian territory within the framework of the security plan implemented by the General Command to maintain the security and stability of the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Major General Al-Hunaiti stressed that the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army will stand by those who are tempted to prejudice the Jordanian national security, and that they will continue to make utmost efforts to protect the homeland and its capabilities and stand united in the face of anyone who tries to tamper with its security and stability with all strength and firmness.

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