The mummy of the Egyptian “wounded girl” reveals the treatment process “after death”

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publish date 2022-01-22 11:38:05

In a study they conducted on the mummy of the Egyptian “wounded girl”, discovered in Egypt and dating back more than two thousand years, scientists found what some researchers described as “an ancient medical treasure for a therapeutic process after death.”
A team of researchers published a study on a very important medical note that was discovered on the mummified body of a girl about two thousand years ago.
According to the results published in the International Journal of Paleopathology, researchers have uncovered the oldest medically bandaged wound, which provided a lot of ancient historical information about the ancient Egyptians’ methods of medicine at that era.
The researchers said that they discovered the bandages on the remains of a young girl no more than four years old who died about two thousand years ago, as doctors of that era wrapped a wound on the girl that showed signs of infection.
The head of the Institute of Mummy Studies in Bolzona, Italy, and lead author of the study, Albert Zink, said in statements, quoted by the newspaper “Insider”, that this discovery provides “evidence about how they (the ancient Egyptians) dealt with such infections or abscesses during their lifetime.”
The study noted that researchers believe that the mummy was taken from a cemetery in the Fayoum Oasis, southwest of Cairo, which is considered one of the most beautiful secrets of Egypt far from the pyramids. Scientists considered these results surprising, as they did not expect to find those bandages.
Scientists believe that the ancient Egyptians had a clear understanding and very ingenious methods in medical practices, and researcher Zink noted that, they may not know some things that can be taken for granted in our day, such as how the heart works, or how microbes cause infection, but they have an idea Good and fairly clear on how to treat the symptoms of the disease.
The researcher indicated that these types of bandages were not previously seen in any mummy, as the researchers monitored them while they were performing routine CT scans on the mummies.

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