A shooting at “McDonald’s”, and the reason was .. French fries

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publish date 2022-01-22 18:12:50

In a new incident that reflects the “gun chaos” in the United States, a woman shot a McDonald’s worker after a dispute over the price of French fries.
Authorities have filed criminal charges against Terica Clay, 30, after the incident in St. Louis, Missouri, according to the American “Fox News” network.
Clay was charged with “first-degree assault and armed criminal act” after she shot an unidentified employee, following an escalation of an argument over a discount on the price of French fries.
The incident began when Clay stopped in her car and spoke to the victim, who was working in the window of the restaurant dedicated to selling meals to car passengers, and court documents stated that the customer threatened to shoot the victim.
Later, the worker went to a break outside the restaurant, where Clay was waiting for her, and the police stated that the latter confronted the worker and then beat and shot her, according to surveillance cameras.
The worker was taken to hospital for injuries, while she later left, while Clay was arrested.

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