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Two air depressions affect the Kingdom until the end of the week

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publish date 2022-01-22 20:58:10

Director of the Meteorological Department Raed Rafid Al-Khattab said that the Kingdom will be affected on Sunday evening by a cold air mass flowing from eastern Europe centered over Turkey, accompanied by an air depression in southern Turkey that will gradually affect the Kingdom from the afternoon hours of Sunday and its effect will continue until Monday evening and is expected, God willing. A decrease in temperatures and rain is expected in the northern and central regions and a limited part of the southwestern regions of the Kingdom.

He added that the location of the depression will make its impact greater on the northern regions of the Kingdom compared to the southern regions, which will only affect the western part with light showers on Sunday night and Monday morning, while the central regions, including the capital, will witness medium rain.

Al-Khattab noted that this very cold air mass flowing from over Russia will deepen on Wednesday towards the eastern basin of the Mediterranean and a second air depression will form in northern Syria, where we will be affected by very cold air on Wednesday, and the temperatures will drop again, and the weather will be very cold and rainy.

Al-Khattab said that there are indications within the follow-up, study, analysis and preliminary indications that it is likely that snow will fall, which will be discussed later, as the impact of the second depression will continue until the end of the week.

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