Your son wants to take everything for himself? Ways to deal with a greedy child, the most important of which is to understand it

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Some mothers notice the constant desire of one of their children to own everything around him, even if it is owned by one of his brothers, which raises her feeling of anger and anxiety about the child’s accustoming to this behavior, which negatively affects the child’s dealings with his brothers and friends as well, so he reviews “The Seventh Day” With a behavior modification consultant, some important secrets that help in treating the child so that he becomes a child who is good at giving and not good at greed.

Shaimaa Iraqi, a behavior modification consultant, said in her interview with “The Seventh Day”: Many mothers are confused about how to deal with their child’s greed and his constant urgency to buy everything when shopping with her in the markets or shops, which makes her buy large quantities of things without being restricted to money. And extravagance in buying, and thus the child gets used to doing that every time, and some mothers make mistakes in fulfilling the child’s desires without setting limits for him until he stops crying and angry.

How do you teach your child contentment?

Do you know why he does this?

The mother must understand the child’s motives for possessing everything and know the reasons why he always clings to things, and whether this is due to his feeling of jealousy or to draw attention to him because he suffers from deprivation and needs to feel loved by his parents.

I feel deprived:

The mother should not deprive the child intentionally, because depriving him of getting anything makes him covet everything around him, and he turns with time into a selfish person, characterized by self-love and love of possession, and the mother must when dealing with her child to balance between reward and punishment. However, if the child cries and is urgent, the mother must deprive him of it so that the crying does not use a ploy to reach its purpose.

Ask options:

The mother must present two options to the child when he insists on buying a certain thing, and forces him to choose between them, so that he is not accustomed to insisting on obtaining only one thing.

Applying the principle of participation:

The mother must teach her child the principle of participation and cooperation with his siblings and friends, so that he becomes a cooperative person with others and provides assistance to those around him, and he becomes a cooperative and lovable person.

Teaching the principle of giving:

The mother must instill the value of giving in the child, by reading educational and religious stories that talk about the virtue of giving in a simplified way through educational situations.

Giving gifts:

The mother must teach her child to exchange gifts with others, so that over time he becomes a contented person characterized by generosity and contentment.

greedy kid
A child quarrels with his brother
A child quarrels with his brother
greedy baby girl
greedy baby girl


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