Good news… Has the Corona epidemic turned into an “endemic disease”?

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publish date 2022-01-13 07:30:30

Yesterday, Tuesday, the World Health Organization warned against treating Covid-19 as an “endemic” disease like influenza, any health disorder that is always present in society, but with a lower risk than Corona. This also does not mean that the danger of the virus has been eliminated, because the infection will not remain an obsession that controls life, people will continue to catch the infection, they will get sick and will continue to enter the hospital as well.
Catherine Smallwood, the WHO’s chief emergency officer for Europe, said in a video posted by the organization on its Twitter page: “We still have a great deal of uncertainty about how to deal with Covid, and with the possibility of it becoming an endemic disease, because the virus is evolving very quickly, imposing New challenges.”

She added, “We are certainly not at a point where we can call it an ‘endemic disease’. It may become endemic in time, but it’s a bit difficult to define in 2022, and it’s too early to know when and how that might happen.”

And she continued, “Of course, all this depends on how to achieve herd immunity through natural infection and more people receive the vaccine, in the end the infection will appear at a constantly low rate, and fewer people will develop serious symptoms of the virus, and this will be a key to moving towards such a scenario, but what We’re still far from that.”

Stop “Detailed Tracking”

These statements come after Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that, amid declining death rates due to Covid-19, Spain wants European officials to consider the possibility of gradually abandoning the strategy of “detailed tracking” of cases of corona infection, and replacing it with a “monitoring” system similar to It has reduced the number of cases of influenza infection, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Sanchez continued: The change will mean that Covid-19 is considered an “emergency disease” and not a “pandemic,” adding that “the death rate associated with corona has decreased significantly since the beginning of the epidemic. I believe that the current conditions allow us to open the discussion at the health level and in line with the recommendations of professionals Health officials, but also at the European level, to start evaluating the development of this disease with different criteria from what we are witnessing now.”

For its part, the newspaper “The Guardian” published a study that revealed “the loss of the Corona virus to more than 90% of its ability to infect, within 20 minutes of its spread in the air,” explaining that “most infections occur within the first five minutes.”

And the White House adviser on the health crisis, Anthony Fauci, considered that despite the record number of hospitalized cases due to infection with Covid-19, the United States may be “on the threshold of a transitional period after which it will be possible to coexist with the Corona virus.”

“At a time when the Omicron outbreak is progressing and regressing, I hope we will see a situation where (…) a combination of good immunity and the ability to treat someone at risk of infection. When we get to that, this will be a transitional period, and may We’ll be there today.”

Thus, it seems that we are facing a debate, the first of its kind, between those who support that after “Omicron” the world will have an opportunity to be able to coexist with the Corona virus, and those who refuse to consider Corona an “endemic disease” like influenza.

But the good news is that the debate has opened.

Translation by Tala Ghamrawi – Asas Media

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