Abraaj feels nervous and anxious during exams.. A lion can leave the paper empty

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Many parents suffer from the tension of their children and their inability to focus while studying during the examination period, and this is due to their inability to master the curriculum throughout the school year or because of their personal nature, which makes them always feel stress and anxiety during the examination period, and it is believed that this is related to some characteristics of the astrological signs, This was mentioned by the expert in horoscopes and numerology, Maya Nagy, during her conversation with “The Seventh Day”, which we review in this report.

Towers feel nervous and anxious during exams

Libra..optimistic and pessimistic about perfumes

Libras are known for their temperament, as they feel optimistic and pessimistic about strange things before the exam, for example, where they are optimistic about wearing a certain color or inhaling a certain scent of perfume, before they go to the exam.

Virgo.. He reviews questions more than once

Virgo feels tension and anxiety throughout the period before and after the exam and until the result appears as well, although they enjoy a very high degree of focus and present mind when they take the exam, but they lose their focus easily as a result of their feeling of tension and anxiety, and Virgo is very interested in reviewing the exam before it starts The solution and reads the questions first, then begins to solve and reviews more than once on his answers because of his hesitation and tension.

Leo..may leave the paper empty

Leo has a strong personality, but at the time of exams, he may have to leave the answer sheet completely blank in order to relieve himself from feeling stress and anxiety, especially if he is sure of his inability to obtain a degree of success, but he often regains his strength again and proves that he is capable to overcome difficulties.

Gemini..better and distracted all the time

Gemini has a temperamental personality, which appears clearly during the exam period, especially at the time of the exam, sometimes feeling optimistic and at other times feeling pessimistic, which makes them feel a lot of psychological pressure, distraction of mind and excessive tension, as well as hesitation due to their lack of confidence in themselves and not In their answers, so we find many of their colleagues prefer to avoid them during the examination period so that they do not become stressed and anxious, as happens with the birth of Gemini.

take the exam
Inside the exam hall
Inside the exam hall
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