5 tips so as not to keep “Clown” in a romantic relationship, the most important of which is that you don’t believe his words

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The clown, the clown, or the playacho is one of the characters embodied by some in order to add some fun and humor to others, but some pioneers of social networking sites have recently used it to express them when they are deceived or betrayed by their beloved, until the clown has become an icon to express exposure A person is deceived and playing with his feelings, so he reviews “The Seventh Day” with Dr. Hala Al-Azab, an expert in human relations, several tips that a girl should follow in romantic relationships so that she does not describe herself as a “clown” and become an easy source of laughter at her.

How do you protect yourself from betrayal and playing with your feelings?

You don’t believe everything that says:

The human relations expert said that the girl should not believe everything that is said to her of sweet talk or promises until she sees for herself his actions, because words are not always true because the one who loves must translate his love into actions on the ground until he proves that he is worthy of his beloved.

Don’t believe the arguments:

And the human relations expert added that the person who always makes excuses is not entrusted in the emotional relationship, and there is no reason to be separated for a long time, or the lover does not reassure his girlfriend or delay steps from taking the steps of the official engagement and other things that are evidence that the young man is not And in his promises.

Men have no rights in informal engagements:

She added that the man who did not propose to his girlfriend is still a stranger to the girl, and he has no right to dictate his orders to her, or to set lines for her to follow, so the girl must inform her lover of this and not listen to his orders.

What do you make of your priorities:

A girl will not enjoy the respect of those around her unless she has a goal in life and an independent work, the girl who always seeks to achieve her dream of obtaining a prestigious position, the man seeks with all his strength to possess her and get close to her, as the human relations expert advised every girl not to put the person she is related to An informal connection with him is among her priorities so that she does not feel that she is without personality and is easy to laugh at.

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