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Hijjawi: This is the date of the end of the fourth wave of the spread of Corona

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publish date 2022-01-13 00:12:59

Bassam Hijjawi, a member of the National Committee for Epidemiology, expected, on Wednesday, the end of the fourth wave of the spread of the Corona virus next March, in light of “the indications of the epidemiological indicators that Jordan will enter the fourth wave.”

Hijjawi spoke, via Al-Mamlaka channel, about the operation of monitoring teams and laboratory examination from the beginning, activating the protocol and preparing scenarios for hospitals, although the Omicron mutant is less harmful and has the slightest peak, but it spreads quickly.

Hijjawi indicated that an increase in active Corona cases has been monitored, but hospital occupancy is at its lowest level in 4 months, which indicates that cases of Omicron have mild symptoms and require isolation and home quarantine.

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