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After a dispute over Article 75.. The notables repeat the constitutional amendments to the deputies

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publish date 2022-01-13 15:28:40

The Senate has returned the draft amendment to the Jordanian constitution for the year 2022, to the House of Representatives, after violating the parliament’s decision to amend Article 75 of the constitution.

The notables approved, in its session today, Thursday, headed by Parliament Speaker Faisal Al-Fayez and in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. It is prohibited for members of the Senate and the House of Representatives to do so during their membership.

And the notables introduced an amendment to Article 22, with a majority of 47 votes, and 7 were rejected. Members of the National Assembly who own shares or partners in companies are allowed no more than 5% of the contract with the government during their term of membership, provided that they are prohibited from interfering in contracts concluded by these companies with the government.

Article 20, as approved by the House of Representatives, prohibits members of the Senate and the House of Representatives during their term of office from concluding any contract, lease, sale, barter or any contract with the government, official public institutions, public institutions, or companies owned or controlled by the government or any institution A public official or a public institution, except for those who were a shareholder or a partner with a percentage of not more than 2%, and for the lease contracts of land and property. The notables justified their decision, stating that the state needs to contract with national companies, and that the percentage of the effective contribution to the companies is more than 5%. The council also recommended the government to issue the necessary legislation to ensure the independence of monetary policy. After the approval of the draft constitution amendment, Parliament Speaker Faisal Al-Fayez praised the great and sincere efforts that were made to discuss and approve the constitutional amendments, the outcome of which achieved the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II and the aspirations of our people towards political reform and the desired democratic construction. He added, “The amendments constitute a gateway to launch the path of modernizing the political system in our kingdom, to continue the nation’s march under its Hashemite leadership towards further progress, prosperity and accumulation of achievement, and for the advancement of national parties, to have an active role in political life, with the aim of reaching the formation of programmatic partisan governments.”

He pointed out that the constitutional amendments would enhance the role and independence of parties, consolidate the principle of separation of powers, expand the base of participation in decision-making and work to empower youth and women, in addition to consolidating the principles of the rule of law. Establishment of the Constitutional Court and the Independent Election Commission.

He added, the amendments also work to protect state institutions, as they constitute a sure guarantee that Jordan will remain strong, away from political and social strife once partisan governments are reached. He continued, that what is required today is to interact positively and nationally with these amendments and with the outputs of the national integrity system, and our reform project that we aspire and strive for, and works to achieve the vision of His Majesty the King and the aspirations of our people. That is followed by the formation of strong political parties that have programs that can be implemented on the ground, and at the same time we have to work to strengthen our partisan culture and democracy, and to devote the election approach on the basis of efficiency and integrity. The culture of regionalism and regionalism, and this matter, if it continues, would hinder our ambitions and limit our reform aspirations.

He pointed out that Jordan has been subjected to a fierce campaign for some time aimed at tampering with its social fabric, national security and honorable national positions. Here we do not monopolize the truth, and everyone has the right to express his opinion in an objective and professional manner, but accusation, abuse and jumping on the reformist contents of these amendments are strange and reprehensible.

He said, “Jordan will not neglect its national principles and has paid a heavy price for its adherence to them and the rights of the Palestinian people, and our positions are declared and do not accept any doubt or interpretation, and the no’s of His Majesty King Abdullah II are clear (Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine, no to settlement, and Jerusalem is a red line.”) and the right of return and compensation for all Palestinian refugees. He stressed that there is no multiplicity of identities in Jordan. There is one identity, the Jordanian national identity, and all Jordanians are equal before the law, and Jordanian patriotism is measured by the extent of belonging to the soil of the homeland and loyalty to our Hashemite leadership and the Hashemite throne.

Article 6 of the Constitution – the first paragraph, states that “Jordanians are equal before the law, with no discrimination between them in rights and duties, even if they differ in race, language or religion.”

The notables repeat the constitutional amendments to the House of Representatives, with the second paragraph of the same article stipulating that “defending the homeland and the unity of its people, and maintaining social peace, is a sacred duty for every Jordanian.” This means that we must all confront attempts to tamper with our social fabric and national security with strength and firmness. -(Petra)

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