Aqaba Container Port workers: an open sit-in in front of Parliament next week

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publish date 2022-01-12 23:00:48

The workers at the Aqaba Container Port decided to start an open sit-in in front of the House of Representatives early next week, after the failure of parliamentary moves and government promises to resolve their case.

The port workers continue to strike for the 56th day in a row, to demand that official contracts be signed with them, that they be given health insurance and their full rights as workers.

Here is the text of the committee’s statement:

Employment workers in the container port of Aqaba-Jordan continued their open strike for the 56th day in a row, after a long wait, and after promises by the representatives and some concerned parties, which did not work for the Jordanian worker and fulfill his right. A spokesman for the trade union committee said. After waiting for the promises and actions of the representative (Obeid Yassin) with the company’s management, the response came that the contract with (Development) was approved, but without financial privileges, and accordingly it was decided that, at the beginning of next week, a move will be made by (operational workers) towards the capital, Amman, to set up the sit-in tent It is open to the (House of Representatives) and another to the (Ministry of Labor) until we collect our acquired rights and address the Parliamentary (Labour Committee) to complete its procedures with the administration. The living and social situation and the psychological factor are equal to the rest of our colleagues. Is there no difference between the Jordanian worker and the foreigner who works in a foreign country? We have become strangers in our homeland in light of this injustice, corruption and enslavement by the management of companies. Corrupt. And our homeland counts God and yes agent. We will not forgive our rights as long as we live up to the men’s rights. The workers in the container port appeal to His Majesty King Abdullah bin Al Hussein, the father of the Jordanians, to do justice to them and to intervene in resolving their case, and they appeal to the Crown Prince to intervene in resolving their issue and to every decision-maker. Media Committee for Employment Workers in Aqaba Container Port – Jordan ACT

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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