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The Communications Commission expects the cost of the fifth generation infrastructure to reach 750 million dinars

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publish date 2022-01-12 22:03:18

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority expected that the cost of the fifth generation network infrastructure in Jordan would reach 750 million dinars.

On Wednesday, a member of the commission’s commission, Noah Al-Sheyyab, told Al-Mamlaka that Jordan had preceded many countries in accessing the fifth generation technology, and was able, with strenuous efforts of discussions and dialogues, and an attempt to motivate the private sector, the main partner of the commission in this process, to reach preliminary consensus formulas. To start the process of launching the fifth generation.”

Al-Shayyab expects the availability of fifth generation services in Jordan in the second half of next year.

He added that Jordan “needs the infrastructure to do this through the private sector, and the government and the authority, in turn, are possible for these companies to carry out the necessary infrastructure by providing economic incentives, and this is part of the complete system adopted by the Jordanian government in the past period of time by providing incentives to all entire economic sectors to stimulate and advance the economy and mitigate the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.”

“There are studies conducted by the private sector, and there are studies conducted by countries that have adopted this technology, and the numbers may vary due to the existing region and the extent of the spread that is supposed to be applied in the beginning, and the numbers may reach 750 million dinars for the infrastructure, and here it is up to private companies and how they will do it and how they will adopt it. Perhaps through a participatory or unilateral basis in the infrastructure, all of this is on the table and there are studies by these companies,” according to Al-Shayab.

He added, “The only thing we hope is that the private sector assumes its responsibilities in this area, and the government has done what it should by offering incentives.”

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