She combined simplicity and sophistication at the same time.. What distinguished the looks of the late Maha Abu Auf?

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After a struggle with cancer, the artist, Maha Abu Auf, departed, after an artistic journey through which she was able to delight her fans with various works of art, starting with her participation in the artistic troupe created by her late brother, the star Izzat Abu Auf, which was known as the “FourM” in partnership with her sisters. With a distinctive look, whether in her artistic roles or during her attendance at various artistic events, the fashion expert, Mustafa Al-Shafei, explained in his speech to “The Seventh Day” the reasons that made Maha’s look distinct from the other artists, which are:

Simple and Attractive:

Since the beginning of Maha Abu Auf and her participation with her brothers in the band “4 .”mAlso, during her participation in some commercials, her outfits were characterized by simplicity and calmness, which made many of her fans feel comfortable when seeing her.

Elegance and elegance:

Despite the fame of Maha Abu Auf and her belonging to a prestigious family, she always appeared in an unpretentious manner, as she did not wear eye-catching clothes or wear a lot of jewelry, as she only wore a thin chain, a ring and a simple earring that helped her show her calm features.

Aristocratic spirit:

Maha Abu Auf was able throughout her life to be distinguished by the aristocratic spirit mixed with sophistication, which was felt by everyone who watched her, as she was distinguished by her distinguished choice of pieces of her own clothes and her ability to choose clothes that correspond to different occasions, as the fashion expert explained that there is a hair between sophistication and the ” Fak” and this did not happen in Maha Abu Auf’s fashion, which has maintained her sophistication throughout her life.

Maha Abu Auf
Maha Abu Auf
Maha Abu Auf
Maha Abu Auf when she was young
Maha Abu Auf when she was young


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