Fish tank and cheese sandwich.. the strangest shoe designs on the Internet

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Shoe designs vary around the world, but they agree about helping a person feel comfortable while walking a long distance, and get an elegant look when attending various occasions, but recently some strange designs of shoes have appeared on the Internet, which we review in this report, according to what The site mentionedbellatory“.

The strangest shoe designs have appeared on the Internet

fish tank shoes

A picture of high-heeled shoes with a basin containing a live gold fish has spread on social media, and this design is sold on online shopping sites, but is used as a home decor piece.

shoes with fish tank

Slipper in the form of a sandwich

There is a “slipper” in the form of a sandwich in the form of square bread, stuffed with green salad and a cheese sandwich, which provokes a feeling of hunger for some and vomiting for others who do not imagine finding a “slipper” in the form of food.

Slipper in the form of a sandwich
Slipper in the form of a sandwich

cactus heel shoes

And there are shoes designed with heels containing the cactus plant, which helps in obtaining a distinctive look, among the audience, whether when going to work or hiking with friends.

Cactus heel
Cactus heel

Unisex skyscraper shoes

There is a pair of shoes designed with long heels, which are suitable for both sexes, but cause a feeling of pain when wearing them, in addition to difficulty when walking.

high heel shoes
high heel shoes

shopping cart shoes

There is a shoe designed in the form of a shopping cart, which can be worn when shopping in the shops, and it is also considered one of the shoes that helps in obtaining a distinctive and different look.

Bags Inspired by Shopping Bags
Bags Inspired by Shopping Bags

banana shoes

There is also a shoe designed in the form of a banana peel, which is one of the funny designs that have spread on social networking sites in the recent period, which has provoked the ridicule of followers, and can be worn at home.

Banana shoes
Banana shoes


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