Police incur a fine after breaking a car windshield to save a child… “They discovered a surprise”

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Cleveland police put themselves in an embarrassing situation after officers smashed a car window to save a child who was actually a doll. Teesside, 36, and her 10-year-old daughter had left the doll in the car in a booster seat in the back of the car and left it there for 15 minutes, but they came back to find two officers by the smashed window with a large crowd. The mother claimed that the police said they were investigating a report of child neglect when they broke into the car.

The mother explained that she went to a nearby store to buy clothes for the doll, but what she was not sure of was that the girl put the doll in the back passenger seat and tightened the seat belt around her.

Later, the police explained to the mother that the author had told them that there was a child in the car who was moving and then stopped moving and breathing, details that the mother did not understand, who confirmed that the doll was not moving and could be distinguished from the real child.

“I can understand why the police intervened, and as a mother I would have been angry if they had not intervened after receiving such a report, but the incident was an insult to me especially in the presence of a crowd of passers-by, and I was eventually left facing a broken window and an angry child,” the mother said.

The mother added that the police later apologized and were keen to verify her daughter’s condition, and a spokeswoman for the Cleveland Police said that the police had paid compensation of 264 pounds to cover the cost of renewing the car window.

Mother, daughter and doll

mother and doll
mother and doll

sell the car
The car after breaking the glass


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