Scientists reveal the best way to pour tea to avoid a common problem

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publish date 2022-01-04 09:37:53

Researchers have come up with the best way to pour tea from jug to cup without tea mist escaping and at the same time not getting the rim of the jug wet from the often dripping drops.
And the British newspaper, “Daily Star”, said that scientists have studied a way to achieve a difficult equation between pouring the tea at an excessive speed, causing drops to fly outside the cup, and pouring it too slowly, which causes the drops to flow on the edge of the jug.
The scientists concluded that it was necessary to determine the correct angle of inclination of the teapot before starting to pour, to avoid what is known as the “teapot effect”, a term coined by Marcus Rayner in 1956 to express a challenge that scientists have faced for decades.
Researchers at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics at Vienna University of Technology conducted a study to find out more about this type of problem. “Although this is a very common and seemingly simple effect, it is very difficult to explain it exactly in terms of mechanics,” said Dr. fluids”.
The researchers poured water from a tilted teapot at different flow speeds to see which worked best, then used mathematical equations to calculate three different forces that create the teapot effect.
Dr. Schechel added that the sharp edge of the teapot tip on the underside plays the most important role, which is when a drop is formed that makes the area under the edge always wet.
“We have now succeeded for the first time in providing a complete theoretical explanation of why the underside of the rim is wet, and to prevent liquid from leaking from the rim, you need to make the pouring angle smaller,” the researcher continued.
Scientists recommended pouring tea when it is somewhat hot, specifically at 80 degrees Celsius, because the liquid is then less likely to stick in the jug. Drops are also less likely to leak at the edge of long, tapered nozzles.

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