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Governorate: One third of the infections are omicron mutants, and we may have to take a fourth dose

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publish date 2022-01-04 22:50:00

Former Minister Azmi Mohafazah said today, Tuesday, that it is expected that Jordan will have to resort to a fourth dose of Corona vaccines at the beginning of next winter.

And a governorate added, through the “Pulse of the Country” program, that the 38 cases of Omicron in Jordan are inaccurate and do not represent reality, and that about 30-40% of Corona injuries, especially in the capital, Amman, are Omicron.

He pointed out that infection with the disease raises legitimate concern due to the high number of cases, which may lead to disruption of work, pointing out in this regard that the disease is mild and no symptoms appear on the youth and young people.

And he indicated that “Omicron” is spreading very quickly, and that some countries, such as America, when it recorded 100,000 infections, considered it a “frightening number”, but in one day it recorded nearly one million cases, which is an indication of the rapid spread of the mutated.

He explained that “Omicron” is currently beginning to replace “Delta”, and that the fate of “Delta” will be the same as the “Alpha” and “Gamma” mutant.

He stressed that the mutation affected the shape of the virus radically, especially as it affects the upper part of the bronchi and affects the nose as well, noting that the symptoms in general are a runny nose, heat and headache, in addition to pain in the throat and various parts of the body, and that “Omicron” does not affect the lungs. Or the lungs are much less affected.

A governorate reiterated that the mutated “Omicron” is similar to widespread respiratory diseases, and that 70 percent of those infected with it are not admitted to hospitals, indicating that the Corona virus will become seasonal and will infect large numbers.

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