Not “Corona” … Bill Gates reveals his main fears in 2022!

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publish date 2021-12-26 09:12:12

Despite his optimism for 2022, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates still has some concerns about 2022.

In Gates’ recent year-end blog, “Reasons for Optimism after a Tough Year,” he made multiple rosy predictions — from the potentially ending coronavirus pandemic, to the upcoming rise of metaviruses.

But he predicted that one particular problem that could slow or impede much of this progress is people’s mistrust of governments, and “it is one of the issues I am most concerned about going into 2022,” he wrote.

Gates noted that “public institutions need to be a major player in key issues such as tackling climate change or preventing the next pandemic, but they can do little if people reject their guidance in principle,” according to CNBC, which has seen it. Al Arabiya.net”.

“If your people do not trust you, they will not support major new initiatives,” Gates wrote. “And when a major crisis emerges, they are unlikely to follow the guidelines needed to weather the storm.”

This mistrust has become particularly evident since the onset of the pandemic: “Misinformation about the coronavirus has spread both to the United States and to the rest of the world, hampering vaccination rates and ultimately delaying the end of the pandemic.

But Pew Research Center research in pre-corona times showed similar trends in a 2019 survey of American adults, in which 75% of respondents said their citizens’ trust in the federal government was waning.

And 64% of the respondents said that “Americans’ trust in each other is also diminishing. Nearly four out of ten respondents believe that the lack of trust has made it more difficult to deal with issues such as health care, immigration, and gun violence.”

In his post, Gates noted that “24-hour news cycles, politically-motivated headlines, and social media have played a role in the “growing division” – and that governments may need to regulate online platforms to effectively dispel misinformation.”

Gates also expressed his “concern that without prompt intervention, Americans may be more likely to elect and encourage politicians who openly express mistrust, which could then cause the so-called snowball effect to become more frustrated.”

Gates did not offer a solution, seeing it as a problem he was not sure how to deal with.

In fact, I don’t have the answers, he wrote, “I plan to continue researching and reading other people’s ideas, especially from young people, and I hope that generations growing up on the Internet will have new ideas on how to tackle a deep-rooted problem in the Internet.”

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