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In all countries, the festive table should have special dishes that bring happiness. Each country has its own food. The agency “Sputnik” talks about some dishes in this article.

Czech Republic – baked carp or roasted duck with cranberries
A delicious potato salad is always served with it. But more often they cook a baked duck, and in some regions, a goose.
This dish is usually served with steamed bread (wheat pancakes) and white cabbage cooked with caraway seeds.

Satsevi in ​​Georgia
It is expensive, luxurious, and time-consuming to prepare.
For centuries in a row, every family has necessarily compared spices, tastes and techniques and argued about the true and correct recipe for it.

Stew in Italy is one of the main winter dishes
Every chef and housewife has their own recipe, from vegetables, beans, meat, and even seafood. And in Sicily, at Christmas, they traditionally cook goat stew. Essential with wine and aromatic herbs, the meat is cooked for a long time until tender.

Roscon de Reyes pie in Spain
Everyone is sure to eat a Roscon de Reyes pie. It is baked in the form of a circle of butter dough with the addition of orange extract and decorated with candied fruits, nuts and sugar. The multicolored candied fruits symbolize the gems in the royal crown. A statue of a king, or a coin, is hidden in the dough. This dessert is eaten as follows: one person goes to another room to cut the required number of pieces, according to the number of people assembled at the table. Since he can tell where the main prize is, he takes his piece of pie at the end. The lucky person, who gets the statue of the king, sings a song and is appointed king of the holiday.

Corapidis cakes in Greece
On Christmas Eve morning, children walk home and sing carols, which is why the housewives give them sweets and give them money.

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