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Forums claim not to manipulate the popular will during the upcoming elections

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publish date 2021-12-26 18:16:11

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The participants in the consultative meeting called by the Islamic Movement in Zarqa yesterday evening to discuss the upcoming municipal elections in the city stressed the need for dialogue and concerted efforts to reach a strong municipal council capable of advancing the reality of Zarqa city and its development, improving the reality of services in it and addressing What great challenges you are going through

The participants in the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the branch of the Islamic Action Front Party, in the presence of the leaders of the Islamic movement in Zarqa, and a gathering of civil dignitaries, candidates for the upcoming municipal and decentralization elections, and the media, stressed the need to ensure the safety of the upcoming elections and not to tamper with the popular will, and to stop what they described as perversion of The will of the voters by the official authorities, stressing the need to provide an atmosphere for national alliances and to compete fairly among the candidates on a programmatic basis that seeks to serve the city of Zarqa and its people.

The leader of the Islamic movement, Saud Abu Mahfouz, who called for the meeting in his speech, stressed the movement’s keenness to extend a hand to all the people of the city and achieve national partnership in a way that serves the interests of Zarqa and the interests of its people and advances the reality of development and services in it, pointing to the Islamic movement’s welcome to the partial or total alliance. Or compete with integrity as the various national forces to achieve the public interest in light of the great challenges that Zarqa faces that require everyone to unite.

Abu Mahfouz valued the participants’ response to his invitation to this consultative meeting, adding, “Oh, people of Zarqa, come to a common word to open up to each other and to present those who improve the representation of the city within total consensus, partial disagreement, or honest and fair competition that suits everyone, and no party alone can handle what the city is going through.” Among the challenges without uniting everyone’s efforts, and that the Islamic movement, which has been serving the city for 75 years, confirms that it is going to serve the city and calls for coalition instead of disagreement, meeting and solidarity instead of disagreement, so that we build together and achieve together, and the Islamic movement in Zarqa is a rational patriotic side and a current This is significant, and this entails major concessions to other segments in order to achieve the national quorum to achieve the higher national interests.”

Abu Mahfouz stressed the need for dialogue and consultation between the various sons of Zarqa, and the call of the Islamic movement for participation and harmony in a responsible patriotic spirit and committed to public affairs, noting that the commitment of the Islamic movement to vote for all members of its lists is well-known and familiar. A national, united group that includes the various shades of the city of Zarqa, or compete honestly in a way that deepens the spirit of belonging to the city and achieves its interests, adding, “The Islamic movement is not for itself, but for everyone, and you will find it wherever you want it. With everyone to provide the most appropriate.”

While the leader of the Islamic Movement in Zarqa and the former Syndicate of Engineers, Eng. Abdullah Obeidat, who moderated the meeting, stressed the need for the upcoming municipal council in Zarqa to assume its responsibilities and address the issues of Zarqa city, which requires a national dialogue based on the supreme national interest away from any personal interests. In order to achieve national solidarity to address the dilemmas of the Zarqa municipality, the exacerbation of indebtedness and the poor services

Obeidat pointed to the Islamic movement’s keenness on national dialogue based on its national responsibilities, and also stressed the importance of broad popular participation in the elections, warning of what he described as a state of popular frustration as a result of electoral fraud and the spread of administrative and financial corruption in state institutions. He also warned against any manipulation operations. With the will of the voters and tampering with the integrity of the electoral process, which would exacerbate the gap of popular confidence in the election process, while Obeidat criticized the provisions of the new Municipalities Law restricting the powers of the Municipal Council in favor of the Minister of Municipalities, and the ministry’s selective dealings with municipalities on the basis of favoritism and political rivalries.

The candidate, Engineer Iyad Al-Bawaliz, spoke about the city’s significant decline in the level of services, and presented an electoral program entitled Change, reviewing the most prominent features of his vision to advance the city’s reality and address the challenges it faces, and address the financial crisis and exacerbation of indebtedness, as he indicated. For a number of pioneering projects that can be implemented to achieve development, improve the reality of the city, and invest youth energies in Zarqa

Engineer Mohamed Radwan Al-Zawahra stressed the importance of dialogue and free competition between the various candidates for the municipal elections, and the adoption of a document between the various people of the city after the elections on the basis of good governance and achieving popular and societal participation in managing the city’s affairs and advancing its reality and addressing the crises it is going through and the aggravation of indebtedness. On the basis of transparency and efficiency, and stopping the administrative and financial slack in the municipality, referring to the reality of the concept of municipal work and its role in the development of the Zarqa community.

Whereas candidate Atef Al-Ghuwairi indicated that what the citizen demands from the municipal council is to provide basic services such as cleanliness and paving, and to reduce it with regard to fees and taxes related to municipal services such as roofs and other taxes, pointing out that the collection process is subject to nepotism, wasta, benefits and the absence of justice in The process of collecting taxes and fees at the expense of citizens and at the expense of the municipality fund

Al-Ghuwairi also stressed the need for effective management of the municipality’s investments that are carried out in an ineffective manner or for the benefit of the beneficiaries, including projects in the new Zarqa districts, the Masum neighborhood, and the file of kiosks. He also stressed the need to achieve partnership with the private sector, dealing with municipal employees on the basis of Performance and efficiency away from favoritism and nepotism.

For her part, former MP Dr. Hayat Al-Masimi confirmed that the Islamic movement is keen to serve citizens through municipal work, despite the difficulties encountered in working in municipalities and the poor services, noting that the Islamic movement extends its hand to anyone who wants to serve the city and achieve the interests of its people to take Zarqa is its position, and the alliance between the various forces to reach a strong and effective municipal council that is capable of advancing the city’s reality. It also stressed the need for effective popular and societal pressure to prevent any manipulation of the will of the voters and tamper with the integrity of the elections and to encourage citizens to participate in the elections and go to the polls in a way that enhances election safety.

MP Dr. Muhammad Abu Sa’ilek said, “The worst thing that the Zarqa municipality suffers from is the security interference, whether before or after the elections, and covering up the corrupt, which requires the necessity of lifting the security mentality from dealing with the Zarqa municipality and its elections. And stopping any interference in the electoral process under the title of achieving the interests of the city of Zarqa and the interests of its citizens and stopping the bleeding in the municipal budget.”

While the head of the Islamic movement in Zarqa, Dr. Ayman Abu Al-Rub, stressed that the Islamic movement in Zarqa extends its hand to all in continuation of its approach of popular and societal partnership with the various spectrums of society, serving the country and working to achieve the interests of the people of Zarqa city and Jordanians in general. He also praised the experience of the candidates of the Islamic movement. The former who managed the municipal work in Zarqa and presented luminous models despite the difficulties, obstacles and challenges they faced.

Abu Al-Rub added, “Our decision is to participate and we are studying the forms of this participation. All options are open and we will announce them in due time. We have many competencies in various fields, especially in the field of political and municipal work, but we are keen to consult with the various national forces in Zarqa and achieve partnership with everyone to reach Who is the most efficient and capable of the municipal work sites in order to achieve the interests of Zarqa and its children, and our doors will remain open to all, and we adhere to the experience of the National Reform Alliance.” ‎

Meanwhile, the leader of the Islamic movement in Zarqa, Mahmoud Abu Mahfouz, stressed the need for the Zarqa municipality to get rid of political rivalries and security interference, and to deal with the municipal council as an elected body to manage the daily affairs of its residents and provide the necessary services to them, pointing to the erosion of services the Zarqa municipality has reached. And weakness to an unprecedented extent.

Abu Mahfouz stressed the Islamic movement’s endeavor to achieve consensus and popular partnership to reach a municipal council capable of advancing the reality of the city of Zarqa and achieving the interests of its citizens, stressing that the upcoming municipal council needs a popular incubator to advance the municipality’s reality, address the crises it is going through, and consolidate volunteer work and community partnership with what would Addressing the administrative and service slack in the municipality.

A number of candidates and participants in the meeting also spoke, stressing the importance of municipal work and the cooperation of various efforts away from rivalries and the approach of profiteering and achieving personal interests at the expense of the public interest. the interests of the city and its citizens.

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