Sisters in times of trouble…”Alex” diverted a bus to a suitable home for her brother of determination

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Sam Scribner, 28, had been lying on a hammock in his Florida home for some time, but the unexpected happened. Sam fell on his back, broke his neck, and suffered a spinal cord injury that paralyzed his arms. and legs, so he needed to use a wheelchair to walk him home.

Sam’s sister Alex felt sad about what happened to him, and she thought to help him adapt to his new situation, so she resorted to a trick, which is to convert a school bus into a wheelchair-friendly house, where her brother can live, according to the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

How did Alex turn the school bus into a home?

Alex spent a year and a half converting the school bus and did all the craftsmanship herself. “We had no money or any real plan…but as soon as we thought about the bus, we were committed and loyal to seeing it…and within four months we raised $6000 to buy it,” she said. .

Alex and her family had spent around $35,000 (£25,700) refurbishing the bus, and by May 2021 the bus was ready for her brother to move in, with a wheelchair-friendly bathroom and lift to help him get on as comfortably as possible..

Not only did Alex do all the renovations she did on the bus, but she also designed a special dining table with a bench, so that Sam could use it easily. But as you can see, this is not true..So if you want a Bedouin lifestyle, work to make it happen.”

bus before modification
Alex and her brother
Alex and her brother
inside the bus
inside the bus
Another picture of the bus
Another picture of the bus
Another image
Another image


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