Tarek Khoury obtains an international certificate in training .. and this is his ambition!

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publish date 2021-12-23 19:34:10

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The former deputy and former president of Al-Wehdat Club, Tariq Khoury, obtained an internationally accredited training certificate at Level C, organized by the Football Association.

This course, which was supervised by lecturers Aseel Al-Barrawi and Shadi Al-Qasim, included many practical and theoretical lectures in the science of sports training for football.

Khoury said in previous press statements that his participation in this course stems from his quest to bring about a football training revolution in Jordan, benefiting from the experiences he gained during his work in the Football Association or at Al-Wehdat Club, as a manager of the football team and then as president of the club.

Khoury revealed his ambition to supervise the training of the first Al-Wehdat team in the coming years, passing through the age groups that he seeks to train, and ascending with their players step by step, all the way to the first team.

In a post on his official Facebook account, Khoury said: “The beginning of the road …

The first Asian license and certificate in the world of training.

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