Horoscopes that can rotate their husbands on a second wife.. Sagittarius will not feel harm and Gemini will adapt

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A woman feels very jealous when it comes to her imagination that her husband may be thinking of another woman at the present time, and her jealousy leads her to search behind him to make sure of her sense, and she may ignite the house with disagreements and problems with him just for her imagination, but some wives may forgive this betrayal, and may help him marry from His girlfriend or she may search for a wife for him, whether by writing a post on the social media sites, or by searching among her friends and relatives, and this strange phenomenon has become widespread in the recent period, and it is believed that wives are born from some of the astrological signs that we review in this report, according to the website. “bustle“.

Possible towers revolve for her husband on a second wife:

Gemini..will be a friendship with the second wife

The Gemini woman forgives her husband’s betrayal, because she believes that she is the one who led him to commit this act, whether due to her neglect of him or for another reason.

Libra.. you will agree and forgive too

The Libra woman is characterized by romance, which pushes her to forgive her husband for his betrayal of her, and she is likely to justify her husband’s betrayal of him, and she may agree to marry another woman, provided that she remains infallible to preserve their love story.

Sagittarius.. you don’t feel any harm from his second passport

A Sagittarius woman loves to feel free, so she understands her husband’s getting to know others, and she also does not feel harm when he marries another, she may feel sad for a short period that does not last long with her because she can forget about it by traveling and hiking with friends.

Aquarius.. open and accept normal

The Aquarius woman can also forgive her husband for his betrayal of her, as well as friendship with his second wife, due to her openness and understanding of her husband’s needs and nature, so she accepts the new situation and forgives him as well.

Pisces.. will agree to keep her husband

The Pisces woman is very romantic and weak-willed, so she is ready to forgive her cheating husband, and she may agree to marry him to another, provided that he does not leave her and make amends between them, for the purpose of preserving her relationship with her husband.

A woman agrees to cheat on her husband

A woman agrees to her husband's marriage to another
A woman agrees to her husband’s marriage to another



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