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The government decides to form a committee to modernize the public sector.. These are the most prominent axes

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publish date 2021-12-22 19:45:16

The Council of Ministers decided in its session held today, Wednesday, which was chaired by the Prime Minister, Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, through video communication technology, to form a committee to modernize the public sector.

The committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, and the membership of a number of ministers and specialized officials, experts who have experience and expertise in public administration, and personalities from the private sector.

During the session, the Prime Minister said that modernizing the public sector has become a necessity as it is a major lever for economic reform and the reforms associated with modernizing the political system. He indicated that the committee will work within a realistic time frame set at six months, and at the end of its work, it will present a comprehensive road map and an executive program to modernize the public administration and to simplify and develop procedures.

Al-Khasawneh pointed out the importance of the committee working within a partnership between the public and private sectors and experts, to reach the required outputs, within three main axes: the legislative axis, the institutional axis, and the service improvement axis.

He explained that the legislative reference will include reviewing legislation to keep pace with international best practices, enhancing efficiency and institutional values ​​for the purposes of improving public administration, developing a public employee culture with regard to providing services to citizens and the need to improve them, and dealing with the private sector as a partner.

With regard to the institutional axis, the Prime Minister pointed out that it includes looking into the possibility of merging some independent institutions, and perhaps at a later stage examining the possibility of merging some ministries, with the aim of streamlining the public administration and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the government apparatus.

As for the third axis related to improving services provided to citizens, the Prime Minister directed the need to focus on automating government services, improving the investment environment, and developing basic services such as health, education, transportation and social care.

Al-Khasawneh referred to the challenges faced by the Jordanian public administration in recent years, in terms of declining performance and bureaucratic procedures, and the need to rehabilitate human cadres, which has become an obstacle to completing the transactions of citizens and investors.

He stressed the need to restore the brilliance to the Jordanian public administration, which has always been an example of efficiency and the export of expertise and competencies to many countries; Noting that the committee will conduct a gap analysis to identify deficiencies in the public sector, and identify possible areas for improvement and development.

The committee includes in its membership the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Nasser Al-Shuraida, the Minister of State for Prime Minister Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jazi, the Minister of State for Follow-up Affairs and Government Coordination Dr. Nawaf Al-Tal, the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Hanandeh, the Director General of the Jordan Strategy Forum Nasreen Barakat, and the Chief of the Diwan Sameh Al-Nasser, Executive Director of the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Rawabdeh, former Secretary General of the Civil Service Bureau Badriya Al-Balbisi, managing partner of Ernst & Young in the Levant, Iraq and Libya, Waddah Barkawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jordan National Bank, Saad Obaid Al-Muasher, and Samar To a legal expert nominated by the Prime Minister.

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