Trends expected to disappear from weddings 2022 .. “The bride will not throw the bouquet”

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Every girl who intends to get married in the coming period is looking forward to a special wedding for her, so she chooses very carefully the pieces of the hall’s decor and makes sure that they are identical in colors and the latest fashion lines, but sometimes she makes mistakes and adds old pieces of decor in the party hall, which exposes her to feeling embarrassed at night. Age, and to avoid this problem, we review in the report, trends in weddings that are expected to disappear or reduce in 2022, according to the websiteinsider“.

Trends expected to disappear at weddings 2022

Throwing a bouquet of roses

It was customary in wedding ceremonies, for the bride to stand and prepare to throw a bouquet of flowers, at a group of girls from her friends and relatives who are keen to get the bouquet of flowers, but this trend is expected to disappear during the next year due to the spread of the Corona virus and the desire of many brides not to waste time throwing Bouquet of flowers.

Low Popularity Balloon Decor

The decoration of balloon arches is a modern trend, which has spread in the past two years, but it is expected to disappear and be replaced by walls decorated with flowers.

big weddings

Many couples were keen to hold their marriage in a wedding ceremony limited to family members only for fear of the spread of the Corona virus, but this trend is expected to disappear next year with the spread of vaccination and the easing of restrictions.

open buffet

The “open buffet” is one of the trends in weddings that has been widespread for a long time, but it is expected to disappear next year and be replaced by the distribution of meals to the invitees.

The disappearance of diamond rings

Wedding designers expect diamond rings to disappear and be replaced by handmade rings from jewelers and rings set with alternative diamonds due to their high price.

Bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers


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