Lana, who has Down Syndrome, achieves her dream of becoming a pilot at Photomission.

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She has a beautiful angelic face capable of attracting the hearts of everyone who sees her. She also possesses a laugh, naughtiness, and an appetite for life that makes her a positive energy for everyone around her. No one who sees her can help but love her and play with her and not feel bored with her. She is the child “Lana” with Down syndrome who She is distinguished by her academic excellence, and dreams of working as a flight attendant in the future, and she was able to achieve part of the dream by undergoing a photo session at the Air Museum that welcomed her, for several hours, which was the duration of the photo session, where they greeted her and invited her with a smile.

Behind the scenes photoshoot of baby Lana at the Air Force Museum

Najat Muhammad, the girl’s mother, Lana, said in her interview with Al-Youm Al-Saba’a, “Lana loves airplanes and she used to see her on TV and also when we take her aunt to the airport, and she stays very happy, so we thought of making her happy and doing her photoshoot, and she agreed with the photographer and determined the place, and I spoke with the officials and the director of the Air Force Museum, he was very welcome.” After that, I started bringing clothes and accessories and we took pictures, and Lana was happy because she was used to photography because she is basically an advertising model and loves photography.

And about the feelings of the 7-year-old girl, Lana, in the first grade of primary school, during her filming in the clothes of a pilot at the museum, her mother said, “Lana was unnaturally happy at the time of filming, to the point that she herself was driving the plane.”

Najat ends her speech, expressing her wish for her daughter, saying, “The wish of my life is that Lana fulfills her dream and becomes a flight attendant because she loves flying and planes.”

And about the scenes of the child’s photo session, “Lana”, at the Air Force Museum, during which she appeared in the clothes of a pilot, the photographer, Mohamed Atef, the owner of the idea of ​​“Photography”, said during his speech to “The Seventh Day”: “I always love to take care of people of determination, whether they have Down syndrome or Those with burns and others, and I was keen to express their problems through photo sessions, and in the recent period I was attending a photo session, for the girl, Lana, who is dressed as a pilot because she herself works as a pilot or flight attendant, and what encouraged me more was President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s interest in the problems of people of determination Lana was also encouraged because she loves the president and is always present at conferences concerned with people of determination.

He continued: “I had difficulty searching for a suitable cap, and we had to film in a somewhat realistic place. We thought about filming inside the Air Force Museum. In fact, they welcomed us very much, and we were able to take a permit to enter and photograph, and the staff there followed us all the time and treated us with the utmost taste and respect, and assigned people Lina helped us throughout the filming and all the places Lina was available for filming, and Lana was very happy throughout the “photoshoot”, and people on social media reacted very nicely and were happy with the photo session.

Youngest flight attendant


The first children's model
The first children’s model

The first model of Down Syndrome is photographed
Lana during the photo session

Photo session at the Air Force Museum
Photo session at the Air Force Museum

Because I am the first model with Down syndrome
Because I am the first model with Down syndrome

Lana at the Air Force Museum
Lana at the Air Force Museum

Lana Amr, the first baby model
Lana Amr, the first baby model

Lana Amr first model
Lana Amr

A baby model who dreams of being a flight attendant
Another picture of the baby Lana


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