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Launching the e-services project in the licensing department

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publish date 2021-12-21 17:18:00

Today, Tuesday, the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department, in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, launched the first phase of the electronic services project, in the presence of the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Hanandeh and a representative of the Director of Public Security; Assistant for administration and logistical support, Brigadier General Dr. Moatasem Abu Shatal.

The project consists of three phases, the first includes 12 electronic services, which are renewal of a vehicle license for a small ride, renewal of keeping a number, electronic public auction, selling distinguished numbers, adding practical courses, adding and ending affiliates, theoretical course information and determining level testers, reservation and de-booking. A vehicle, request a historical vehicle condition, issue drivers’ licenses to replace damaged/lost category three, issue a vehicle license to replace damaged/lost, issue a vehicle plate to replace damaged/lost.

Hanandeh said that the Public Security Directorate is an example for all state institutions in their constant and tireless keenness to upgrade and develop their services provided to citizens and residents, especially with regard to the electronic service transformation that allows service recipients the best services with the least effort and time.

He pointed out that launching this project today as part of the e-government and e-transformation program and in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship is the best example of moving forward in implementing this national project, which aims to expand electronic service in all state institutions, enabling citizens to access the services provided. Through it and through modern electronic applications in a way that saves their efforts and time.

Al Hanandeh stressed the continuation of cooperation with the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department to complete all stages of digital transformation within the department, which is expected to be completed before the middle of next year, so that all licensing management services are available to citizens electronically.

For his part, Abu Shatal confirmed that the launch of this project comes as an embodiment of the royal directives within the framework of the development and modernization system carried out by the directorate in its various departments and units that provide security services to citizens and residents.

Brigadier General Abu Shatal thanked the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship for its continuous cooperation and keenness to help all government institutions; To achieve electronic digital transformation in a way that advances the modernization and development of the services provided, stressing that the Directorate has worked to overcome all difficulties; For the successful launch of this electronic portal for the management of drivers and vehicles licensing, in coordination with all partners, to keep pace with the rapid development of the technological revolution, so that its benefits are reflected in the level of services provided to everyone who resides in the country.

The Director of the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department, Brigadier Engineer Rami Al-Dabbas, presented the stages of the project, which includes providing 42 electronic services for vehicles and drivers.

He indicated that the other phases of the project will be completed in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in the middle of next year.

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