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The death of former Minister Asma Khader

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publish date 2021-12-20 23:41:37

On Monday, the former Minister of Culture, lawyer Asma Khader, passed away

Khader held many positions, most notably Minister of Culture and Government Spokesperson.

And next to the positions held by the late Asma Khader.

1974 until 1978 she worked in the field of education in private secondary schools in Amman.

1978 to 1979 she worked in the field of journalism in the Jordanian newspaper Al-Akhbar.

1980 to 1981 She passed the training period prescribed for obtaining a license to practice the profession of law under the Jordanian Bar Association Law.

1981 until 2003 she practiced law, pleading before various regular and special courts in various parts of Jordan and abroad.

During her career referred to above, she assumed many voluntary responsibilities within the framework of civil society in non-governmental organizations, including:

1992 to 1997 elected president of the Jordanian Women’s Union for two consecutive terms.

1996 to 1997 Director of the Al-Haq Foundation (Law for Humans).

1998 to 2003 Head of Mizan / Law Group for Human Rights.

1997 to 2003 Coordinator of the International Institute for Women’s Solidarity / Jordan.

2003 – 2005 Minister of State – Official Spokesperson of the Government.

2004 – 2005 Minister of Culture – Official Spokesperson of the Government.

2005 Minister of Culture.

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