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Asma Khader.. The feminist icon is “alive and gives birth” in the hearts of her fans

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publish date 2021-12-21 17:39:43

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Written by: Muhammad Al-Rantissi

Although she had been suffering from cancer for a long time, the news of the death of former Minister Asma Khader came like a thunderbolt to many who are well aware that the “vacuum size” that her departure will leave will be so wide that it will be difficult to fill.

Khader, born on January 25, 1952, and a mother of four children. She received the portfolio of culture and the official spokesman for the government during the era of Prime Minister Faisal Al-Fayez in 2004, only to return and receive the portfolio of culture in the government of Adnan Badran in 2005, and then a member of the Sixth Senate Twenty, but that (i.e. government positions) does not mean anything in the path of one of the most powerful women in society, the most competent and fierce in the file of human rights in general, and women in particular.

It is known that Asma Khader was “born with a spoonful of fatigue”, and she has an exceptional story of struggle that she was able to crown with achievements that made her a “feminist icon” in defending women’s rights and empowering them in society.

It is narrated from Khader, who was born into a poor Christian family, that when she was a law student at the University of Damascus, she was forced to interrupt her studies in the second year and return to Amman to support her family after her father’s health worsened.

However, the “stubborn” Khader was able to complete her studies at the same university, to begin the journey of working in private secondary schools, before moving to work in the field of journalism, and then to work in a law firm in Amman, to then practice the legal profession through her private office.

Asma Khader became a scholar in her field with her engagement with hot files in files such as political freedoms, human rights and women, and thanks to her competence and belief in the justice of all that she advocates, defends and fights as well as all battles fiercely, steadfastly and as an argument that is difficult to penetrate, she became famous in the state and became the focus of attention at a high level.

It is not possible to limit the activity and role of Khader to these files for decades, but it should be noted here that she was the elected president of the Jordanian Women’s Union for two consecutive terms, director of the Al-Haq Foundation (law for human), head of the Law Group for Human Rights (Mizan), and coordinator of the institute International Women’s Solidarity / Jordan.

She also received the Honor Award for her role in defending human rights from Human Rights Watch, and the Jordanian Independence Medal of the First Class from His Majesty King Hussein for her role in drafting the Jordanian National Pact, while she was also awarded the United Nations International Prize for Combating Poverty, in addition to certificates and awards. Another appreciation for her role in defending human rights and women’s rights and her contributions to social work.

Asma Khader departs with a career full of troubles on the one hand, and achievements on the other, but what she presented will remain “alive with a rich archive that cannot be crossed, just as her smile that ignites in the hearts of her lovers hope and strength to face the vicissitudes and cruelty of life cannot be crossed.”

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