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Al-Abadi: The major calamity in the constitutional amendments submitted by the government

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publish date 2021-12-21 00:21:56

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The former Minister of State for Prime Minister Affairs, Dr. Mamdouh Al-Abadi, said that what is meant by “universal identity” and “the new social contract” means a new constitution, but the Jordanian constitution is the constitution of a civil state and the constitution of Jordanian identity, equality and justice, and it does not differentiate between race, religion and language. .

Al-Abadi added, in televised statements this evening, Monday, that the national identity is the Jordanian identity, while the sub-identities are not identities, and there is no identity other than the Jordanian identity stipulated in the constitution in Article (6).

He believed that raising the issue of the collective identity might involve innocent, kind-hearted people, but there are also malicious people who have instilled this word.

With regard to the constitutional amendments recommended by the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System, among Al-Abadi, some of them are cosmetic amendments, but there are “excellent” amendments; Such as preventing the deputy from contracting with the state instead of preventing his contract with the government.

He added to those good amendments, that the government from which the House of Representatives withdraws confidence must not return to its president, as well as the amendment related to specifying 25% of the members of Parliament to request a vote of confidence in the government.

Al-Abadi indicated that there are “bad” constitutional amendments proposals; Such as preventing the deputy from being appointed as a minister in the government, stressing that the major calamity in the constitutional amendments lies in the proposals that were from outside the committee and brought by the government.

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