Your son is changing from his little brother.. 6 tips to help you teach him to love and care for him

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The older child often feels jealous of his younger brother for the family’s interest in him and their constant pampering for him, considering that he is young and needs care and attention More, but this is not understood by the child, so he feels lonely, sad, neglected, and even believes that his parents’ feelings have changed towards him, so he begins to do wrong actions to draw their attention to him, and when his actions do not yield a fruitful result, he may feel hatred towards his brother and this feeling may continue with him for a long time, and for this he must The mother should realize this problem and treat it early by following several tips that we review in this report, according to the website “psychologytoday“.

How do you act with your jealous son?

Let him admit his feelings

The mother should talk to her child about his jealousy of his brother and let him admit the truth of his feelings. It is okay for the child to admit these feelings, as they are like feelings of anger or sadness. They are all normal feelings, and you should never make fun of these feelings or make them a ploy to provoke him.

Hug him and accept his confession

The mother should not show her anger at her child’s recognition of her, and contain him, hug him and smile at him, as this helps him to feel safe, with a promise from him that he will always tell her his feelings.

Show your interest

The mother must show her interest in her older child, and try to equal her feelings among her children, so that her child does not feel jealous and helps her take care of his brother.

Explain to your child why you care about his brother

The mother must explain to her child that the child at a young age needs more attention and care, as she did with him in the past, and that he should share the care of her young child with her.

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The mother must reassure her child that she loves him as much as she loves her little one, and that her feelings for him have not and will not change.

Let him take care of his brother

It is recommended that the mother invite her child to participate in the care of his little brother, so that he feels more part of the family, which helps to strengthen his relationship with his brother and his interest in him.

Dealing with children’s jealousy
children's jealousy
children’s jealousy

Jealous girl
Jealous girl


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