The card and the spinning bee… Games that are still steadfast in front of the “Playstation”

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Despite the spread of video games in many homes and children’s preference for them, their development and diversity constantly, some old popular games are still steadfast in front of them and some children still play them in the streets of popular neighborhoods and in homes, as well as young people from the nineties generation when they feel nostalgic for their childhood memories they resort to playing some games that They grew up on it, and on the occasion of Games Day, we review in this report the games that are still steadfast in front of video games.

Games are still standing in front of the “Playstation” device

game of cards

The game “Cochin” is one of the games that children grew up on from the nineties generation and before, and it is also preferred by adults and some still play it so far with their friends, relatives and family members at home. between family members and friends.

lucky bank game

The Bank of Fortune game is one of the old games that were played by the generation of the eighties and nineties, which are still sold so far in the shops, and many people play it, whether for fun or to feel nostalgic for childhood memories.

spinning bee game

The rotating bee game is one of the popular games that children used to play in the streets and lanes of popular neighborhoods. The bee was made of wood and came with a thick thread, but with the development of the times it became made of plastic and in different colors, and it is still sold in shops.

wear game

The marble game is also one of the popular games that were spread in the various popular streets and lanes, which depend on attention and concentration in playing so that the child can throw the marble into the hole dug by him and his friends participating in the game.

Fathi Yawarda and Electricity game

Children still play some group games, such as “Fathi Yawarda”, “Kahraba”, “Istikama” and other old games that help to strengthen the spirit of the group among children and make them feel happy.

rotating bee
lucky bank
lucky bank
wear game
wear game


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