Games day..why should you let your child play and encourage him too?

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The child is keen from an early age to discover the world around him by touching and breaking some things and having fun with them, so his parents buy him some toys that help him to have fun and at the same time develop his mental skills, which some do not know that playing a mother with her child helps to strengthen their relationship with each other and helps On developing his social skills and communicating with others, and this is what we review in the report, according to the website “” raisingchildrenOn the occasion of Games Day.

How does the child’s play help in the development of his personality?

Strengthening his relationship with his friends

Playing with his colleagues and neighbors helps the child strengthen his relationship with others and make new friends, and he also learns to behave and deal with others.

Playing develops his character

Playing a child in the first years of his life helps to develop his personality, as it gives your child an opportunity to explore, observe, experiment, solve problems and sometimes make mistakes, increases his self-confidence, helps him to speak and listen to others, and learn life skills such as communication.

It will increase his confidence and love you more

The child’s playing with his mother helps strengthen his relationship with her, as it increases his sense of security and confidence in her, and increases his love for her.

His confidence will increase

The mother’s playing with her child increases the strength of their relationship with each other, the child’s confidence in himself, his ability to adapt and communicate, and deal with feelings of stress. On the other hand, playing with children helps his ability to form healthy relationships with other people in adolescence and adulthood, and the strong friendship relationships that Starting early in a child’s life also means that he or she is more likely to have better mental health and fewer behavioral problems later on..

Play also helps build a warm and positive relationship, shapes the adult a child will become, and gives your child a strong foundation for the rest of his or her life..

A mother playing with her child
Children playing in the street
Children playing in the street
children play
children play


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