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publish date 2021-12-20 09:36:12

A large “hunter” spider stopped a press conference for an official in Queensland, Australia, which was dedicated to talking about the developments of Covid-19.

As Queensland Health Officer Yvette Dath was holding a press conference outside to discuss the need for companies to comply with the latest coronavirus vaccination policies, an attendee noted a large spider on the podium.

“Please, can someone drive this spider away,” Dath said when she saw the spider, UBI news agency reported.

Chief Health Officer John Gerrard responded to the situation, and tried to keep the spider away with some of the papers he was carrying, until the latter disappeared from view.

Dath continued her press conference after joking: “I don’t like this kind of spider. I will continue, but if any of you see it on my face, warn me.” And she continued, “In addition to the Covid-19 infections, we have dangerous hunter-type spiders.”

Despite attempts to find the spider, the spider was eventually seen moving away from the platform, unharmed by Dath.

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