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“State Security” uses the most severe penalties against 11 criminals in the case of establishing a drug factory

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publish date 2021-12-20 17:54:33

The State Security Court convicted 11 people, including foreign nationals, and local companies, who participated in the establishment of a drug factory on Jordanian soil, and decided to place six of them with temporary hard labor for a period of 30 years and a fine of 30,000 dinars.

Today, Monday, the court held a public hearing of the verdict, headed by the civilian judge, Dr. Nasser Salamat, and the membership of the civil judge, Montaser Obeidat, and the military judge, Lt. Col. Safwan Al-Zoubi, and the presence of the military prosecutor, Amjad Tadros, and defense attorneys for the accused.

The verdict included the conviction of the main defendant in the case, who established the factory and used all methods to manufacture narcotics from 2009 until his arrest in 2018, and the discovery of his organized crime against Jordanian society within 9 years, and decided to put him in temporary labor for 30 years and fined him 30,000 dinars.

The court punished five accomplices of the main accused with temporary labor for a period of 30 years, and each of them was fined 30,000 dinars, and the remaining convicts were sentenced to temporary labor for periods ranging from 5 to 15 years, in addition to two local companies.

In the criminalization decision, the court dropped the common right lawsuit against one of the accused, who God passed away during the course of the case before the court, and reduced the sentence of one of the convicts who suffers from complete paralysis.

The Military Public Prosecution demanded the imposition of the maximum penalties stipulated in the law against those convicted of the seriousness of this organized crime, which targeted Jordanian society and its members in order to achieve public and private deterrence.

In its decision, the court confiscated narcotic drugs, chemical precursors, their components and accessories, machinery, tools, equipment, devices, mixers, vehicles, means of transportation, and the cash seized in this case.

The arbitrator established the precautionary seizure reference to the movable and immovable property belonging to the criminals, and to the right of the second accused as a son and a branch of the first convict and the deceased fourth accused, established by the procedures of the Public Prosecution, and for the right of their origins, descendants and wives.

The court confiscated the movable and immovable funds belonging to the convicts, which they owned, as of the start date of the criminal project’s implementation since 2009, and the confirmation of travel bans against the convicts, which are set up in the Public Prosecution’s procedures.

The court confirmed the seizure references established by the Public Prosecution’s actions against 5 companies and a factory, the seizure and confiscation of their movable and immovable funds, the dissolution of two convicted companies, the closure of three establishments for a period of one year, and the deprivation of the convicts from establishing, establishing, registering or managing any establishment or company in the future and writing the relevant books for that. To the relevant official authorities, and to oblige convicts and convicted companies to pay the judicial and administrative expenses equally among them.

In the criminalization decision, the court said that what is established in the case is that the main accused and the rest of his accused accomplices, and in implementation of their sinful criminal project, with organized and planned methods, with clear and well-defined landmarks and with distributed roles, proceeded since 2009 to establish a number of individual companies and institutions, citing their goals as the manufacture of chemical detergents, pesticides and agricultural products as a cover. To carry out his illegal activity by manufacturing, producing, possessing, selling and marketing narcotic substances, narcotic pills and oils inside and outside the Kingdom and offering them for circulation in order to achieve illegal profit with the intention of trading in them. The second in 2018.

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