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Robbery under threat in Oman .. and the judiciary reduces the penalty for the perpetrator

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publish date 2021-12-20 14:17:41

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The Court of Cassation upheld a ruling issued by the Amman Court of Appeal to imprison a person for more than two years after he was convicted of robbery of another after threatening him with a knife in Amman in May 2020.

The Amman Court of Appeal convicted the accused of stealing 350 dinars from the victim in the Al-Yasmeen neighborhood and sentenced him to five years in prison.

However, the court decided to halve the sentence because the victim dropped the charges against the defendant.

According to the court papers, the accused, along with another person who was being tried on the same charges, but did not appeal his verdict, summoned the victim to their home to discuss some business, and when the victim arrived at the house, the two pulled out the knives and asked him to hand over all his money.

But the victim told them that he did not have any money and that he kept it in his car, so they went to the victim’s car and forced him to give them all the money he had at that time, which was 350 Jordanian dinars.

The security services arrested the accused later after the victim was able to identify them at the police station.

The defendant, through his lawyer, appealed the ruling of the Amman Court of Appeal, arguing that “the prosecution failed to provide strong evidence to convict him of the charges against him.”

The defense lawyer also accused the court of relying on contradictory witness statements.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General of the Amman Court of Appeal requested the Supreme Court to uphold the verdict, and the Supreme Court ruled that the procedures of the Amman Court of Appeal were accurate and that the accused was sentenced to the appropriate punishment.

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