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Haddadin reveals quick solutions to end the water crisis in Jordan

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publish date 2021-12-19 23:52:38

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Representative Jaafar al-Rababah confirmed that the deputies had said their word regarding the “Declaration of Intent” agreement, indicating that this word was strong and resounding.

He added in a television interview this evening, Sunday, that the former Minister of Water and Irrigation, Munther Haddadin, returned again during his meeting with the Parliamentary Water and Agriculture Committee to deny the government’s narratives regarding water.

Al-Rababah – who attended Haddadin’s meeting with the committee – indicated that he asked a direct question to Haddadin about the presence of water in Jordan, and Haddadin’s answer was that the best solution for Jordan with regard to the issue of water is desalination of sea water, but it needs energy and financial expenses.

He continued: Haddadin referred to other solutions represented by digging wells, as simple solutions for a short period of time until the possibilities to desalinate sea water become available.

Al-Rababah stressed that the House of Representatives will maintain its firm position regarding this agreement.

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Jordan News

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