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Announcing the verdicts in the case of the largest drug factory – continuous update

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publish date 2021-12-20 12:35:36

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Today, Monday, the State Security Court announced its verdict in the “largest drug factory” case, in a session chaired by Judge Nasser Al Salamat.

The court decided to acquit the second and third accused and to release them immediately, while the case against the fourth accused was dropped due to his death, as the court continues to issue decisions.

The security services had arrested a number of suspects in the factory that was seized in the Muqabalin area in the capital, Amman, including those of non-Jordanian nationalities in January 2018.

The State Security Court assigned 21 defendants, 5 of whom are still fugitives, to “possession of narcotics with intent to trade, manufacture of narcotic substances with intent to trade with international gangs jointly, and sale of narcotics with intent to trade with international gangs jointly to all defendants except two accused, and export of substances with intent to trade with international gangs.” narcotics with the intent to trade with international gangs with the participation of all the accused except for the accused.”

The charges of “manufacturing and possessing chemical precursors with the intent to jointly produce all the defendants, except for two defendants, and committing the crime of money laundering obtained from a felony jointly were charged to all defendants except for two defendants.”

According to what was stated in the case, “some of the defendants wanted to obtain money illegally, and they agreed among themselves with the participation of international gangs outside Jordan with people of different nationalities to establish a factory for the production of narcotic pills.”

Among the narcotic substances that were manufactured inside Jordan, as mentioned in the case, were “Captagon, narcotic oils, and chemical precursors,” and then were trafficked inside and outside Jordan by exporting and smuggling them.

According to the facts of the case, “the defendants began their activity of manufacturing Captagon and narcotic oils from 2009 to 2018.”

The defendants also “used the names of companies as a cover for practicing their activities in the manufacture of grains and oils to smuggle and sell them,” as stated in the case, in addition to “the defendants imported various customs data with high financial values ​​estimated in the millions in their work, as chemical raw materials, industrial tools and equipment from several countries.” foreign.”

The defendants were able to “produce large quantities of grain and sell them inside and outside Jordan….. They opened bank accounts to deposit money and receive remittances, as it was revealed that there were differences in the names of the fictitious companies, and the high financial values.”

The facts of the case revealed that “the defendants expanded their business after earning high-value money, as two other factories were established, one in Sahab and the other in Al-Dhahiba.”

The case also stated that “the defendants expanded their business by manufacturing a paste containing the narcotic amphetamine.”

And experts explained how “chemicals and machines were used to prepare phenyl and propanone, which are the chemical precursors, which are exclusively used in the manufacture of amphetamine through chemical treatments using chemicals that were among the seizures.”

The experts also pointed out how to “prepare alaban using seized machinery and chemicals, and then explained how to convert amphetamine powder into pharmaceutical tablets through controlled devices and tools through crushing, grinding and mixing.”

The experts continued to clarify, “how to form granules through the seized devices and tools, and how to form tablets through the process of pressing granules, and they also explained the device used to get rid of dust stuck to the tablets after the pressing process.”

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