Parliamentary Labor stresses the need for fairness to the workers of “Aqaba Containers”

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publish date 2021-12-19 18:11:00

The head of the Parliamentary Labor, Social Development and Population Committee, Hussein Al-Harasis, affirmed that the committee stands with the workers of the Aqaba Container Port Company (ABMT) and equating them with their colleagues, working to end the strike they are carrying out, and returning to the dialogue table, in order to find solutions that satisfy all parties.

This came when he chaired a meeting held by the committee today, Sunday, to discuss the demands of the company’s employees, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Commissioner of Economic and Administrative Affairs and Customs Mahmoud Khleifat, representatives of the company, and a number of affected workers.

The guards, according to a press release issued by the committee today, called on Aqaba containers to formulate a new agreement between the company and the workers, to do justice to the latter and equal them with (act) employees, to guarantee them job security, and to enjoy similar advantages with these employees, stressing the need to provide the committee with the solutions available before company before the end of this week.

In turn, the representatives: Ramzi Al-Ajarmeh, Jaafar Rababa, Hassan Al-Riyati, Abdulsalam Al-Khudair, Eid Al-Nuaimat, Muhammad Al-Dhahrawi, stressed that the current economic conditions require everyone to make more efforts, especially from the private sector, which is a major partner to reduce the problems of poverty and unemployment. Noting that the committee will follow up on the demands of these workers until they are redressed.

For his part, Khleifat stressed that the rights of the employees are preserved, and that the repeated strikes cause the state a lot of financial losses, explaining that the workers of the (abmt) were appointed on the flexible work contract, within specific incentives and rewards that include transportation, health insurance, life insurance, social security and the Social Solidarity Fund, The daily shift bonus.

He said: The company will follow a new system in the mechanism of communication with employees to facilitate the implementation of the work mechanism followed.

For their part, the company’s workers valued the efforts of the Parliamentary Labor Committee to achieve their demands, which is to transfer the employees working in the Danish company (ABMT) to the cadre of the Container Port Company.

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