The worst drink to grind belly fat… “You won’t imagine”

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Many people implement different strategies when trying to lose weight, including avoiding certain foods, such as white bread, drinks, juices, and fatty and processed foods.
Scientists and health experts confirm that weight loss is achieved through two basic conditions, which are sports and continuous physical activities, in addition to following a natural healthy diet and avoiding processed foods.
Although there are many foods that may support the weight loss index in humans due to the low percentage of fats or sugars in them, there are other foods and drinks that cause a problem for those trying to control or reduce their weight.
According to the article published in the American magazine “Eat This, Not That”, which specializes in health and food, health experts ranked one of the drinks as the worst drink that can be taken when trying to reduce weight and flatten the abdomen.
And the magazine quoted a specialist in nutrition in America, Dr. Gacy Madsen, data in which she referred to the worst drinks that may hinder the attempt to slim the waist and flatten the human stomach.
According to Madsen, energy drinks are one of the worst drinks to not have when trying to get a flat stomach.
Many sources have emphasized the need to limit sugary drinks when trying to lose weight, and according to an article published in the journal “Circulation”, these types of drinks that contain the category of added sugar are directly linked to an increase in belly fat in particular.
For example, a 12-ounce can of one type of energy drink contains 61 grams of added sugar, which is more than most sodas, an amount capable of hampering any attempt to lose weight, according to the expert.
In addition, the expert noted that the carbonation in energy drinks can cause “increased gas and bloating, which is not helpful if you’re aiming for a flat stomach”.

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