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For many years in the past, the profession of a matchmaker was specialized only for the woman whose job was “Tawfiq Racine in the Halal” by taking the picture of the girl who wants to marry and presenting it to the groom, to see her to express his opinion, and this was the traditional method of dating and marriage, but with the development of the times, this began The profession is gradually disappearing, but it began to appear in another form, more developed and appropriate for the modern era, through a young man named Hisham Sami, who founded a group on the “Facebook” website, and his goal is to help marry young men and girls in the manner of a matchmaker. Group officials are used as a mediator, where they first make sure of his worth and seriousness, then tell the girl that there is a young man who wants to propose to her, and if she agrees, the young man takes his natural steps and proposes to the family and the engagement takes place.

“Hisham” reconciles Racine in Halal on Facebook

Hisham Sami, founder of the group, told “The Seventh Day” that he created the group about a year and a half ago with the aim of returning to the origins that we were raised on in the past, as he put it, which is that whoever wants the official link with any girl goes to her family’s house, through him, where he made himself a mediator between them .

Hisham, the 25-year-old, who is a graduate of one of the technical institutes and works in self-employment and lives in the Beni Suef governorate, added that he, like other members of his generation, was attracted by the social media to her world, but he wanted to do something different, he thought to change some of the patterns taken by social networking sites in Acquaintance between young people, so that the acquaintance is more serious from his point of view.

He added that a large number of young people interacted with him, because he presented a different idea and advice for the official link, especially after the establishment of a group, which had more than a quarter of a million followers, and thousands of young men and girls interacted with its publications, through which Hisham was able to apply the popular proverb and according to 16 members of the group They were officially engaged and posted their photos on the group.

He added, during his speech to “The Seventh Day”, that he has been on the social media since 2008 and has always entered into groups on Facebook” for acquaintance, and what he noticed most of the young people in such groups want to make friends with girls, but in an incorrect way and far from what our religion and education commanded, and from here came the idea of ​​the group.

He explained that the first engagement between the members of the group took place two months after its establishment, saying: “Everyone was against me at first, but I studied the idea well in my head, and I used to say to myself if I always strive for good, why should I be afraid?” And about the difficulties he faced, he said: “The idea of The group, unfortunately, some misunderstood it to the point where I was attacked by some people because of it, and accused of deceiving girls, and this is one of the most difficult difficulties that I faced, because I was dealing with all intelligence and with a whole team of girls addicted to the group and I sent two of them to the bride to obtain her approval that the young man proposes or No, before he sends her the engagement letter, and I am sure the father’s first and last approval, and I am just a mediator, as I mentioned, and I do not force the girl to agree to the young man. I ask her to tell her father that there is someone who wants to propose to her and ask her if she agrees or not.

Ensure the credibility of the young man

And he continued the number of marriages so far through the group, reaching 16 engagements and 4 marriages far from salon marriage or acquaintance through the social media pages. Not to talk to him until after he formally applies for her, and there are addicted girls in the group and they are the ones who follow up with the girl, then I know from the young man the date on which he applies, and if he disagrees, I ask him about the reasons, but this has not happened before, as young people are keen to advance on their dates which they identified.

He continued: The social media constitutes 99% of our lives, as it has become the first world for us, not the second as we think, and parents must follow their children on the social media and watch what they do because we are in frightening days, indicating that he has not been linked for all throughout his life and hopes to be linked officially. In the coming days, he continued, “You must be close to God and not be preoccupied with anything else, and my advice also to young people is not to talk a lot in the name of love with girls, because most of the time this is not love but rather false feelings.”

And about his work on the group that he created on “Facebook”, he said: “It is not a shame that I remain a matchmaker as long as I agree with two people in law.”

Relationship expert: This way to progress is just a show

For her part, Dr. Fatima Al-Shennawi, an expert in family relations and psychology, explained in her speech to “The Seventh Day” that some people, especially young people, resort to such methods, which often contain “show” that is an emotional void and poverty in social communication on the truth, and she continued that the sermon from its perspective The old may resort to those who stumbled in finding their life partner, and their requests were to be specific to this partner, so it was popular in the past, which distinguished it from sophistication, civility and clarity in the request for marriage.

And about the spread of this phenomenon on the social media pages, she said that the matter seems to have some suspicion, if someone likes a girl, what prevents him from approaching her directly and not including an intermediary between them. And about the defects of the matchmaker at this time, the expert in family relations said that she makes the relationship more like buying and selling without feelings or love, in addition to not determining the seriousness of feelings or making sure of their sincerity.

Matchmaker Features

The family relations expert also specified that one of the advantages of the appearance of a matchmaker is the attempt to keep pace with time in the speed of marriage, and with a percentage that may be large, a person may find his life partner according to the requirements that he needs in him.

Another picture from the group

Post on the group
Post on the group

Comic on the group
Comic on the group


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