4 towers suffocating with Deban and Shah.. The lion because of his dignity and the bull because of his stubbornness

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When you discuss a person about a problem, you expect the other to discuss you with logic until you reach a final solution to this problem while maintaining a state of cordiality and understanding between you, but some people are surprised when you discuss them with the speed of their anger and their unexpected reaction, and they turn the discussion into a quarrel that may last for a long period of time And these are believed to belong to some of the astrological signs, including Leo, Taurus, Gemini, and other astrological signs that we review in this report, according to the website. timesofindia“.

Towers turn the discussion into a quarrel in a short time

Leo.. His dignity is above all else

The Leo sign turns into a fierce person, especially when it comes to his dignity and social or professional status, due to his self-confidence that reaches the point of vanity, so he does not allow anyone to reduce his position or accuse him of falsehood, and for this he begins to quarrel with him to defend his dignity.

Taurus.. does not see himself as wrong

The Taurus is characterized by stubbornness, and he also trusts himself, so he does not see himself wrong in anything he does, and does not waste his time listening to the opinions of others in his actions, so he begins to quarrel and defend his ideas in front of those who criticize him and does not get tired of quarreling until he succeeds in defending his ideas.

Gemini.. his psychological state is controlled by him

Gemini’s actions are unpredictable, due to his mood swings, so he can turn from a calm person to a nervous person and get into an endless quarrel with others, just because his mood changes.

Cancer.. His sensitivity makes him misunderstood

Cancer is a very emotional and sensitive person, so he is affected by the slightest word that is said to him, and he may misunderstand it and consider it as a stab in his dignity, which does not accept to be touched.

A dispute between a man and a woman
Quarrel between a man and a woman
Quarrel between a man and a woman


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