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Why raise the political elites’ statements concern the street?

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publish date 2021-12-18 22:51:22

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Emad Abdel Karim

The statements and warnings issued recently by those known as “statesmen” have caused concern and fear in the street due to the lack of optimism in the country’s affairs and the people’s condition, and that there is no hope for any reform programs or a glimmer of hope for an economic breakthrough for the people’s conditions.

The former Prime Minister, Abdel Karim Al-Kabariti, who was known for his diplomatic skill, came out to us with a direct, unambiguous statement about the worrying and dark conditions of the country, as he put it. Than we are rushing into a long night.”

Al-Kabariti did not stop at this level of pessimism, but added: We do not accept the entry of the second centenary on a boat while we are on board, wandering on its face without a road, no destination, no vision or compass.

Abdel Raouf Al Rawabdeh’s statements were not far from Kabariti’s pessimism, as he warns, in the context of his lecture on reform, that “people are depressed and frustrated,” and are living in a state of congestion. Closed session about his concern, he said: I was not worried about Jordan as it is today.

He felt from the statements of the “statesmen” that the general atmosphere in Jordan was frustrating and worrying, and although they did not explain the details of their speech, which was surprising to everyone, it indicates concern over the country’s affairs, which are going from bad to worse due to the deteriorating economic conditions, especially since most other sectors suffer from imbalance , especially the health and education sectors, the spread of corruption and the absence of any prospect for reform.

Perhaps we wonder about the feasibility and usefulness of the statements of “statesmen” in this way and the clear criticism of the general policy that runs the country and the recognition of the government’s weakness in managing key files and its absence from the citizens’ priorities. This reality was practiced by all governments previously and not in a new situation. So what happened to the heads of government and prompted them to declare our painful reality?

Al-Adwan: It is natural to worry about the confusion of government policies

For his part, the former Minister of Information and a seasoned politician, Taher Al-Adwan, considered that all the statements issued, whether by former prime ministers or officials, or even the citizen who expresses his opinion on the communication sites indicates that a wide spectrum of the Jordanian people from different classes and intellectual orientations are concerned. Jordan’s future.

In exclusive statements to “Jordan News”, Al-Adwan pointed out that it is not normal for people to feel anxious because of what we see of confusion in government policies on important issues, foremost of which are the declining economic conditions, the high cause of unemployment, the high numbers of public debt and budget deficits, in addition to the lack of direction Governments to implement major projects that help mitigate this economic downturn that the country is going through, pointing out that the government’s directions today are in how it collects money and imposes taxes so that its affairs go well.

Al-Adwan said that what is worrying about Jordan’s future is the governments’ orientations to conclude agreements with the Israeli enemy to obtain various energy sources such as gas and water, and this constitutes more fears than increasing dealing with this entity, which is seen by many as a handover to Jordan and an increase in Zionist influence. in the affairs of Jordan.

In his opinion, the Jordanian state, through its governments, is running without a clear political ideology and without a foreign policy commensurate with national interests, in addition to the fact that it does not have a future vision of the national goals on which the Kingdom is based.

Al-Rantawi: Former prime ministers are part of our problems

The writer and political analyst, Oraib Al-Rantawi, pointed out that the situation the country is going through is very worrying, and there is little progress in addressing the basic challenges at the economic and social level, as the government apparatus is almost “paralyzed” and does not provide society with any solutions in many aspects, which constitutes a conviction among all that not The government’s ability to stop cases of political tension and social anger.

In exclusive statements to “Jordan News”, Al-Rantawi believes that the outcomes of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System are minor and do not constitute hope for an end to the political blockage, and that what the prime ministers announced at this particular time indicates the size and depth of the crisis and its great impact on the country.

He pointed out that the state has no vision in all major issues, and if it finds its narrative weak, it does not find anyone to explain it, defend it or market it, pointing out that public opinion in presenting the state’s narrative is completely absent and that the vacuum is filled by social media and platforms.

Al-Rantawi said, “We do not absolve the former heads of government of their responsibilities when they succeeded in managing the most important leadership positions in the Jordanian state, and they are part of the problem and not part of the solution. .

Al-Amoush: Criticism of “lovers of the country” rings the bell on the whole general situation

The former minister, Dr. Bassam Al-Amoush, believes that what the political elites, including former prime ministers, ministers, representatives, notables, and a wide range of critics went to, as criticism of “lovers of the country” and not greed for new gains and positions, but rather it is tantamount to ringing the bell on the general situation as a whole.

Al-Amoush said in statements to “Akhbar Al-Jordan”, that the situation in the country requires us to re-calculate in the governments that manage the state’s policies, so that a government is able to find a national program to confront the dilemmas and crises facing the country.

He pointed out that the debt, which exceeded 50 billion public debts, more than half a million unemployed people, and corruption that eats green and dry, requires us to reconsider the production of the official, whether the government or parliament, which monitors, legislates and is an honestly elected politician.

Majali: I don’t know why they are angry?

The writer and political critic Abdul Hadi Raji Al-Majali wrote astonishingly about the reason why these officials became angry and declared in this way against the state, pointing out that the highest authority in the state (the palace) produced them responsible and masters over us and that the people did not produce them. Is this how he returns the favor to the palace?

Al-Majali added, in a post on his personal account on the “Facebook” platform that was monitored by “Jordan News”, I do not know these people, why are they angry? Is their salary delayed more than a year? Do they have a problem with the school fees, do they have a room for the eldest son in which the paint fell due to the humidity…..???.

In his publication, Al-Majali listed many of the privileges received by former prime ministers, both financial and logistical privileges and harnessing various institutions to provide all kinds of services to the homes and palaces of former prime ministers, trying to find a reason for them to get angry and criticize the state in this unjustified way.

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