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The government vows to strictly implement Defense Order 35

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publish date 2021-12-19 10:25:52

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A member of the Epidemiology Committee, Bassam Hijjawi, said that the new measures that will be taken under Defense Order No. 35, obligate workers in the private and public sectors to take two doses of the vaccine as a condition to continue working, and that stricter control and inspection measures will be taken to detect non-compliant individuals.

The procedures will be in place from the beginning of next year, and Hijjawi explained that before Defense Order 35, individuals were allowed to enter their establishments as long as they provided a negative PCR test result, but under the new regulations, this will no longer be allowed.

Hijjawi said workers who do not comply with the new regulations may find themselves “isolated at home, not allowed to go to work, not being paid.”

He added that those who received the second dose were strongly encouraged to take the booster dose as early as “three months after receiving their second dose.”

According to Hijjawi, the latest data issued on December 16 for the entire kingdom shows that the occupancy rate of isolation beds is 29 percent, intensive care beds 41 percent, and respirators and oxygen support systems 23 percent.
For his part, the former Minister of Health, Walid Al-Maani, said that the Corona numbers last week compared to the standards of the previous week in terms of the number of deaths, active cases and hospitalizations.

Perhaps this drop “is an indication that we have already reached the top of this wave. It took about six or seven weeks for the numbers to go up, and it might take the same amount of time for the numbers to go down.”

However, Maani stressed that these predictions are specifically related to the delta variant, and therefore it is crucial to keep in mind that the omicron mutant has the potential to cause a new wave.

“If the omicron comes while the curve of states is declining, it may cause it not to decrease as expected, but to rise again because the omicron spreads faster than delta or alpha,” according to Al-Maani.

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