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Snow, rain and strong winds affect Jordan with a deep depression

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publish date 2021-12-19 00:10:30

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A deep depression formed around the island of Crete during the day today, Saturday, which moves gradually and slowly towards the island of Cyprus and is centered to the west of it with the hours of tomorrow evening, Sunday, so that the activity of the southwest winds increases gradually with the hours of the evening and Sunday night / Monday, according to what the “Jordan Monitor” website mentioned. .

According to the site, the winds are expected to raise dust in some areas, especially desert areas.

And with the late morning hours of next Monday, it is expected that rain will begin to fall, including the western strip of the Kingdom as a prelude to the depression, which coincides with the entry of very cold winds, and snow is expected to fall on the high southern heights (Sharara Mountains), and it is not excluded that It is abundant at times and cumulative at times, and may be an obstacle to some aspects of public life there.

The rest of the high altitudes from the north and center of the Kingdom are witnessing showers of rain and hail, which may be intense at times, in addition to snow showers above heights of 1000 meters above sea level and above, and with the morning and noon hours it is mixed with rain for less than that.

With the afternoon and afternoon hours of Monday, the depression will move to the east of the island of Cyprus with a clear and significant intensification of the southwest winds and strong gusts sometimes exciting sandstorms, especially in the desert areas, some of whose gusts are expected to range between 80 km / h to 90 km / hour and exceeds the 90 km barrier in the high south regions.

A cold and humid air front begins to gradually cross, starting from the northern regions of the Kingdom, extending gradually and quickly to the central regions, and rain falls and is heavy, with hail showers sometimes and the opportunity remains ripe for snow showers above heights that exceed 1100 meters above sea level.

With the evening hours of Monday, the precipitation becomes heavier in the northern and central regions, and some precipitation extends to parts of the southern regions of the Kingdom, in the form of snow over the high southern heights, and the rain is accompanied by thunder and hail, which are sometimes intense.

The “Jordan Monitor” website warned of the danger of slipping on the roads in the high mountainous heights due to the expected snowfall and hail showers, which may be dense and sometimes accumulated in the rest of the heights.

The site also warned of the danger of torrential rains forming in valleys and low-lying areas, especially the northern and central regions, as well as the danger of wind speed and accompanying gusts, which are expected to range between 80 to 90 km/hour, and are expected to be more powerful over the heights of the south.

The site pointed to the danger of dust formation, “and perhaps the lack of visibility of external roads,” especially the desert areas in the Kingdom.

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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